New Year, New Aventuras

Photo Credit: Iris Perez, Fox9

2017 was an amazing year: Dulceria Bakery became a reality after many years of dreaming about having my own bakery. One of the most rewarding things about it was that I finally embraced vulnerability as an asset rather than a weakness.

I had no idea about the intricate world of local and state regulations around food, no contacts in farmer markets, no idea about pastries packaging and displays, no experience creating a website and setting up a sales software, etc. What I had was the openness to not know anything and be okay with it.

So I enrolled in food safety trainings, wrote down and asked lots of questions from inspectors and market managers, visited and shadowed fellow bakers at markets and events, researched and tried every possible pastry bag and box I could get my hands on, tested and tinkered with recipes almost on a daily basis, and mucho mas!

By the end of the year, I was proud and honored by the love with which you embraced our pan dulce and desserts, had appeared as a guest at The Vegan Show, shared my Christmas dessert traditions in a Fox News segment, and felt super agradecida to be part of a supportive and inspiring community of food entrepreneurs here in Minnesota.

With this new year, new aventuras are already on deck, starting with an upcoming trip to Ciudad de Mexico where I will spend 5 weeks (also known as the month of February + a few days) studying traditional Mexican cuisine and its historical context at the Escuela de Gastronomía Mexicana ( Esgamex).

I hope that you’ll be part of this aventura by following El Blog, commenting, asking questions, and sharing in the joy that this hands-on experience means: reconnecting with Mexican culture, discovering techniques and ingredients for even healthier and more diverse Dulceria Bakery offerings, and celebrating our food’s history in comunidad!