Minimum order: 1 dozen  | Minimum order per cookie type: 6 | Indicates V: Vegan GF:Gluten-free availability

BESOS DE NUEZ                (V)

Also known in the U.S. as Mexican Wedding Cookies, these traditional cookies feature the aroma and texture of toasted pecans and the sweetness of Mexican vanilla in every bite.


GARABATOS                     (GF)

These bite-size  sandwich cookies filled with  cajeta (Mexican caramel)  are a staple of Mexico’s City artisanal pastries repertoire.


MARRANITOS                   (GF)

Its soft texture and the aroma of Mexican cinnamon and caramel made with piloncillo – Mexican brown sugar – are best enjoyed with a cup of dark roast Mexican coffee.



Mexican Cookies Platter

Perfect for sharing, for your next brunch, meeting or gathering. Our platter has 24 cookies including our Ancho chile brownies, toasted pecan Mexican wedding cookies and cajeta filled Garabatos.

Gluten-free | Vegan | Traditional | available