On Sat, Mat 12, we gathered at our Launch Party with our supporters, friends & neighbors to share our plans for our brick & mortar and how you can help us build community, one pastry at a time. In just 3 hours, our community helped us raise OVER $4,000 TOWARDS OUR $10,000 GOAL!

By June 5, you helped us surpass our $10,000 goal and helped fund:

  • Custom Built Pastry Counter ($3,500) 
  • Electrical work, plumbing, and wall tiling ($3,500) 
  • Dual Automatic Coffee Machine ($1000) 
  • Point of Sale Register ($1,000)
  • Custom Menu Board & Fixtures ($1,000)

We are grateful, energized and comprometidos to open our store this summer and welcome each of you with open arms…and LOTS of pastries.