Mexican Pastries

Order minimum: half a dozen per item. Indicates V:Vegan and GF:Gluten-free availability


Our pan dulce basket features 13 assorted pastries – baker’s choice of conchas, empanadas, rolls, etc. Perfect for work meetings, community gatherings, brunch, y mas! Choose traditional, gluten-free or vegan.

$42 baker’s dozen (Gluten-free, Vegan, Traditional)

ALEGRIAS                  (GF & V) 

Literally translating to happiness, this traditional Mexican dessert is made with amaranth seed (an ancestral grain), dark chocolate and fresh raspberries. Did we mention it is gluten-free, nut-free and vegan?

$3.75 each/$36 dozen (Gluten-free & Vegan, always)

ANCHO CHILE brownie  (GF & v)

Our customers call them the best brownie they’ve ever had! Fudgy texture and a balance of ancho chile, Mexican cinnamon and Mexican vanilla flavors will make you smile every time.

$3.50 each/$39 dozen (Gluten-free available)

Dulceria’s CONCHitas   (V)

Mexico’s iconic breakfast roll: a fluffy, sweet & flavorful brioche-like roll, topped with its iconic colorful sugar crust, available in a variety of flavors. Traditional & Vegan options available!

Classic: Vanilla, Green Matcha and Chocolate Abuelita sugar crust

Filled options: Arroz con Leche, Cajeta/Dulce de Leche, Guava, Nutella, Nutella Peppermint, y mas!


EMPANADAS                     (V)

You say hand pie, we say empanada! Our tia’s cookie like empanada crust filled with seasonal homemade fillings & lightly sprinkled with sugar, including:

Apple Cinnamon, Mango, Red Plum, y mas! 


Garibaldis                      (GF)

This buttery pound cake glazed with guava jam, lightly sprinkled with nonpareils, was created by an Italian family that immigrated to Mexico in the XIX century & remains a staple of Mexican bakeries.

$3.50 each/$39 dozen (Gluten-free)


Fresh mango bars layered on homemade shortbread crust, sprinkled with toasted coconut. Perfect for brunch or dessert.

$4.50 each/$39 dozen (Gluten-free)

Pan de ELOTE                (GF)

A Mexico City classic: this delectable corn souffle is moist, fluffy and mouthwatering. Drizzled with rompope glaze – Mexican eggnog – topped with toasted pepitas, and made with fresh corn kernels.

$3.50 each/$39 dozen (Gluten-free)

Pan de Muerto      ( T & V)

No Dia de Muertos can go without Pan de Muerto: flavored with orange, cinnamon and anise seed, topped with sugar and ready to honor our dearly departed. Our “Muertitos” 

Available October 10 – November 4


Rosca de Reyes               (V)

Mexico’s 3 Kings’ Wreath: fluffy orange and anise flavored dough topped with colorful candied fruit, cherries and its iconic vanilla sugar crust.

Seasonal for January (Vegan available)