Mexican Pastries

6 minimum per order, 6 minimum per item

Dulceria’s CONCHAs                          $3.50 each ($36 DOZEN)

Our twist on the traditional concha: this fluffy, moist and cupcake-sized breakfast roll is topped with its distinctive colorful sugar crust. Try a traditional Mexican vanilla bean concha or one of our filled offerings: 

Cajeta/Dulce de Leche             Nutella              Seasonal : Rhubarb                       

POLVORONES                 $2.00 EACH ($20 DOZEN)

A family recipe: orange zest, orange juice and a dusting of powdered sugar make this a flavorful and unique cookie.* contains lard 

Garibaldis                    $2.50 each ($25 dozen)

Buttery pound cake glazed with guava jam, covered with nonpareils: simple & delicious.

ROSQUITAS DE CANELA                 $2.00 each ($20 dozen)

This beautifully hand-braided cinnamon cookie is lightly dusted with sugar and goes perfect with coffee.

MANGO AND TOASTED COCONUT BARS                 $3.00 each ($32 dozen)

Fresh mango bars topped with toasted coconut, layered on homemade shortbread crust and dusted with powdered sugar, perfect for brunch or dessert on a warm summer night.

ALEGRIAS                 $2.50 EACH ($25 DOZEN)

Literally translating to happiness, this traditional Mexican dessert is made with amaranth seed (an ancestral grain), dark chocolate and fresh raspberries. Did we mention it is gluten-free, nut-free and vegan? 

TORTA DE CIELO                $3.00 EACH ($32 DOZEN)

This gluten-free “cake” from the Yucatan peninsula is made with almond flour, dusted with powdered sugar and topped with toasted almonds. Great with cafe de olla (Mexican coffee simmered with cinnamon and Mexican brown sugar)!

EMPANADAS                 $2.50 EACH ($25 DOZEN)                                                               

My abuelita’s homemade dough recipe, baked to perfection to make you feel en casa. Filling options include:

Pineapple              Guava              Seasonal

Pan de Muerto (November)                $3.50 each ($36 dozen)

Cupcake sized version of Pan de Muerto: sweet dough flavored with orange blossom water and anise seed, topped with sugar and ready to honor our dearly departed.

Rosca de Reyes: (January)                  $3.50 each ($36 dozen)

Cupcake sized version of Mexico’s 3 Kings’ Wreath: sweet dough filled with pecans, raisins and fresh cherries , topped with colorful candied fruit and vanilla sugar crust.