Mexican Pastries

6 minimum per order, 6 minimum per item

ALEGRIAS                 $3 EACH / $36 DOZEN  (gf) (v) 

Literally translating to happiness, this traditional Mexican dessert is made with amaranth seed (an ancestral grain), dark chocolate and fresh raspberries. Did we mention it is gluten-free, nut-free and vegan?

ANCHO CHILE brownie                $3 EACH / $36 DOZEN  (GF)  

Our customers call them the best brownie they’ve ever had! Fudgy texture and a balance of ancho chile, Mexican cinnamon and Mexican vanilla flavors will make you smile every time.

APPLE CIDER CHURROS                $1.25 EACH / $15 DOZEN  (V)  

This fall, this Mexican favorite is prepared with a Minnesota flare: locally sourced apple cider, Mexican vanilla and Mexican cinnamon come together to bring you the best churro you’ve had. And, it is vegan!

Dulceria’s CONCHitas                          $3.50 each / $40 DOZEN  

Our twist on the traditional concha: this fluffy, moist and cupcake-sized breakfast roll is topped with its distinctive colorful sugar crust. Try a traditional Mexican vanilla bean concha or one of our filled offerings: 

Cajeta/Dulce de Leche             Nutella              Vegan Chocolate Ganache                 

Garibaldis                    $3 each / $36 dozen   (GF)  

Buttery pound cake glazed with guava jam, lightly sprinkled with nonpareils: my childhood favorite!

MANGO TOASTED COCONUT BARS                 $3 each / $36 dozen   (GF)  

Fresh mango bars layered on homemade shortbread crust, sprinkled with toasted coconut. Perfect for brunch or dessert.

Pan de Muerto (November)  

Cupcake sized version of Pan de Muerto: sweet dough flavored with orange blossom water and anise seed, topped with sugar and ready to honor our dearly departed.

Rosca de Reyes: (January)    

Cupcake sized version of Mexico’s 3 Kings’ Wreath: sweet dough filled with pecans, raisins and fresh cherries , topped with colorful candied fruit and vanilla sugar crust.