Our Story

Hola! I’m Dulce (“sweet” in Spanish). Mucho gusto!

Growing up in a small apartment in Mexico City, our oven was mostly used as storage; yet, I fondly remember the days when my mom, brother and I would empty it to make room and bake bolitas de nuez, just with as much nostalgia as I think of the weekends at my abuelita’s where my tias, mom and I would prepare homemade pineapple, guava and strawberry marmalades and bake dozens of pays!

When I became a mom, I began to bake Mexican pastries that I couldn’t find easily in Minneapolis – such as pan de muerto for Day of the Dead – to teach my kids about the tradiciones I grew up with.

After a thirteen-year career working at a local college, I found myself looking for a new way to build comunidad, celebrate milestones, and share what Mexico has to offer.

The outcome? Dulceria Bakery!

After 18 months selling at farmers markets and pop-up events, we have opened our first brick and mortar in the very neighborhood where we live in South Minneapolis.

Gracias for joining me and my familia in this new adventure and for trusting us to create for you, your family, your community, and your upcoming events a delicious and beautiful assortment of treats inspirados by family recipes, Mexican history, childhood memories and our genuine amor for artisanal baking.