Pies & Tarts

Mi Abuelita’S Pies              MINI  5″  $6 /  REGULAR 9″ $30 

What makes our pies so special? It is my grandma’s recipe, and she knows best! It’s lard-based crust delivers perfectly flaky slices matched by unique fillings made by us and that pay homage to Mexican traditions and Minnesotan flavors

Don’t believe us? The Star Tribune says you must 🙂

Apple with Cajeta and Pecan Crumble: This apple caramel pie features Haraldson apples topped with a velvety cajeta caramel (Mexico’s dulce de leche) and a crunchy pecan crumble.

Guava:  Following my abuelita’s recipe, we cook down the guayaba with just a little bit of sugar and Mexican cinnamon to bring you a tangy, aromatic and  memorable pie. 

Mango Blueberry:  The perfect balance of mango and locally sourced blueberries in every bite, oh so delicioso!

Mango Rhubarb (summer only): The best of summer in Mexico and Minnesota! Made with locally sourced rhubarb and buttery Ataulfo mango.

TARTS            MINI  5″  $6 /  REGULAR 9.5″ $30 

From decadent chocolate to fruity fillings, our tarts are made with flavors and ingredients that everyone can enjoy. Indicates V:Vegan and GF:Gluten-free  availability

Chocolate & Berries ( V & GF ): Dark chocolate, homemade raspberry preserves and fresh berries on a shortbread crust.

Lime Meringue Tart ( GF ): Homemade lime curd filling and meringue on a shortbread crust.

Mango Coconut ( GF & V): Smooth coconut cream filling, topped with fresh mango slices on a pecan crust.

Strawberry Pistachio ( GF & V): Juicy strawberries and coarsely chopped pistachios atop pastry cream  on a pecan crust.