Pies & Tarts

Mi Abuelita’S Pies              REGULAR 9″ $30 

What makes our pies so special? My grandma’s crust recipe that delivers perfectly flaky slices matched by unique seasonal fillings that pay homage to Mexican traditions and Minnesotan flavors. And we offer a vegan version, too.

Don’t believe us? The Star Tribune says you must


Guava:  We cook down guayaba with just a little bit of sugar and Mexican cinnamon to bring you a tangy, aromatic and  memorable pie. 

Mango Rhubarb: The best of summer in Mexico and Minnesota! Made with locally sourced rhubarb and buttery Ataulfo mango.

Pitahaya Cherry:  Inspired by our recent time in Mexico, this pie combines pitahaya/dragon fruit with and locally sourced raspberries in every bite for a pie like you’ve never had before!

TARTS            REGULAR 9.5″ $30 

From decadent chocolate to fruity fillings, our tarts are made with flavors and ingredients that everyone can enjoy.

Chocolate & Berries: Dark chocolate, homemade raspberry preserves and fresh berries on a shortbread crust.

Lime Meringue Tart: Homemade lime curd filling and meringue on an almond shortbread crust.

Mango Coconut: Smooth coconut cream filling, topped with fresh mango slices on a pecan crust