Pies & Tarts

Mi Abuelita’S Pies          9 inch  | Traditional & Vegan

What makes our pies so special? My grandma’s crust recipe that delivers perfectly flaky slices matched by unique fillings that pay homage to Mexican traditions and Minnesotan flavors. Choose traditional or vegan!

Summer 2019

Mango Hibiscus: Tangy mango cooked down with caramelized hibiscus flowers. A pie so delicioso, perfect for those who enjoy the balance of a sweet and tart slice…or two 🙂

Rhubarb Pitaya: Nothing says summer a la Minnesotana like a slice of rhubarb and pitaya (dragon fruit) pie – fresh, delicious and perfect on its own or a la mode.

Chocolate and Berries Tart:  Fair-trade dark chocolate and orange ganache, topped with fresh berries & a dusting of powdered sugar. Available gluten-free, too.