Are Toaster Ovens Hot On The Exterior?

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The toasters are fantastic. Who doesn’t enjoy a bite of toast with jam? However, adventurous beings tend to touch the objects we employ. So, while toasting bread, you may wonder if touching the toaster is safe. 

The exterior sides of a toaster oven are typically heated when the oven is in use. However, the bottom portion of the exterior of the toaster oven does not get hot, so if you use a toaster oven and place your hand on the exterior, you will find it to be warm. 

Do all toaster ovens have a hot exterior? 

Typically, toasters heat the exterior as well. This is not a surprise, given that toaster ovens lack insulation. Typically, the door handle, sides, and the top can become extremely hot. And while this is not surprising, it can be dangerous, particularly for children. 

However, some toasters remain cool on the exterior, albeit not as cool as when they are not used. It is unlikely that the exterior of any toaster oven will remain completely cool. It will likely become slightly warmer to the touch as time passes. 

However, not all will become extremely hot. Some ovens with a quality coating can prevent heat from escaping from the interior. Therefore, you can place an item on the top and touch the sides of the toaster oven without fear of burning yourself or others. 

Therefore, not all toasters generate exterior heat. If you still own a toaster oven that gets extremely hot while in use, you must take precautions to ensure safety. 

If the oven is on the countertop, leave enough space to avoid accidentally touching it while reaching for something else. You can remove other items from the countertop and ensure that the oven is not close to other objects. 

Additionally, you should wear gloves when removing food from the oven. Put on gloves before opening the door to avoid getting burned. 

Where can I store my toaster? 

The toaster oven can be stored in a cabinet, countertop, or wall shelf. However, it should only be used on the countertop. 

Toaster ovens can, as we’ve already established, become pretty hot. Even though some toaster ovens remain cool, you should still be cautious about where you store your oven, especially if you have children prone to injuring themselves or if you still own a toaster oven whose exterior gets hot. 

Therefore, there are secure locations where you can store your toaster oven to prevent kitchen accidents. Because it emits a great deal of heat, your toaster oven must have adequate ventilation when it is operating. 

Therefore, the toaster oven can be stored in a cabinet. If the cabinet is too tight, there will not be enough ventilation. In addition, the cabinet should not be enclosed on all sides to prevent damage to the oven. And because the oven is compact, it can be moved to the countertop when needed. 

If there is space on the countertop, the toaster oven can be stored there. However, ensure that the oven is not too close to other objects or the sink; we don’t want water splashing all over the oven. 

If there is a wall shelf, you can also place the oven. Not only are wall shelves easily accessible, but they also free up counter space and are quite airy. Furthermore? This will ensure their safety, at least from the toaster oven, from the reach of children and animals. 

Also, please do not use your toaster oven in a cabinet; it should only be used for storage. You can transfer it to the counter for safety if you wish to use it. 


Toaster ovens typically become hot on the exterior, especially if left on for an extended period. However, not all toasters reach such temperatures! Some remain exteriorly cool even after extended use. Nonetheless, it would help if you stored your toaster oven securely to prevent accidents. 

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