Bacon Guacamole Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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  • Prepare time: 5 min
  • Cook: 5 min
  • Ready in: 10 min

The delicious bacon dish comes from the high-quality bacon. Have you ever think the bacon that grilling over high heat combining with cheese and bread?

This is one of the most favorite food which served when party time or dinner. You will find the creamy, melted and super tender taste; you’re so lucky if you interesting to try. Because this is the super easy food for making.

This is recommended food to serve for a small party to celebrate your graduation or anything. Believe it; the guests will like the taste. Let’s go to the kitchen and find the happy side of cooking time!

How to Make Bacon Guacamole Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The sandwich is usually filling out with veggies, cheese or steak. But here provided the different sandwich that filling out with unusual ingredients. Yes, this is bacon and guacamole sauce. SURPRISE!! It only takes at least 10 minutes to make this meal.

You can make as much as you want. Ask your kids to help you; they will love doing it. Before cooking, checking all ingredients and complete the cooking tools, it necessary in order to your cooking not faced the disturb. Without further explanation, complete all ingredients and start cooking!


  • Two slices of bacon
  • Two slices of sourdough bread or original bread
  • 1 tbsp of butter, store at room temperature
  • 1 tbsp of guacamole sauce, store at room temperature
  • ½ cup of cheddar cheese blend, shredded (use the Monterey Jack product)
  • 1 tbsp of crumbled tortilla chips


  1. Heat the sandwich maker and add the butter, after melted fry the bacon until crispy. Remove from heat and place on a paper towel.
  2. Allow the bacon drain. Takes the bread and baste the butter on one side.
  3. Flip the bread slice, on another side add the shredded of cheddar cheese, guacamole, tortilla chips and crisp bacon. Add more the shredded cheese.
  4. For the last stack, adding the bread on top. Prepare the grilling tools and preheat to medium heat.
  5. Grill the sandwich for about 3 minutes per side until the cheese melted and become golden browned. Don’t forget to flip out per side of the sandwich to prevent the burnt.
  6. Serve immediately while hot, cut into smaller pieces.

Yummy! Taste the melted cheese that exploded in your mouth. The crispy outside and so smooth inside. For the better servings, pouring more cheese cream over the top of the sandwich.

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