Best Frozen Foods for Toaster Oven

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Toaster ovens have multiple uses, one of their most significant advantages. This space-saving device is easy to operate and takes up minimal room. Almost every home, office, and dorm have one; it is utilized in various ways. One of these methods is preparing meals that everyone enjoys. 

Now, if you only have a toaster oven and nothing else, you’re probably wondering what you can make. However, if you’re like everyone else who desires simplicity and speed at some point, you’ll find these suggestions helpful! 

We have compiled a list of the best frozen foods that can be prepared in a toaster oven. Thus, you can use your handy companion at any time to prepare delicious meals quickly and easily! 

Let’s get started! 

Best Frozen Foods for Toaster Oven

Frozen Burgers and Sandwiches 

Burgers and sandwiches consistently provide a hearty meal and a tasty treat. Moreover, these two foods are among the most beloved by everyone. Although preparing these foods is simple, they can be prepared more quickly if frozen. 

In general, frozen burgers and sandwiches are available at all local supermarkets. They are even sold in most convenience stores. Consequently, you can purchase these foods and prepare them in your toaster oven. 

Burgers and sandwiches can be reheated in a toaster oven for minutes. In addition, the toaster oven adds toasted flavor, making them a perfect meal that everyone enjoys. Overall, it is a food that you should keep on hand for reheating at any time of day. 

Frozen Waffles and Pancakes 

Nothing is better than a breakfast of waffles or pancakes accompanied by a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. However, waffles and pancakes can be challenging to prepare. You must combine the batter and prepare the pan or waffle maker. 

Waffles and pancakes can be frozen in grocery stores, ready to be reheated in a toaster oven. Although they won’t be as tasty as freshly made pancakes or waffles, these frozen foods can serve as a dependable breakfast option. Additionally, it may be a nutritious meal that you enjoy. 

With instant coffee, this hearty breakfast can be enjoyed on the go! Standard grocery stores carry frozen waffles and pancakes, which can be reheated anywhere with a toaster oven. 

Frozen Omelets 

If you like eggs for breakfast, frozen omelets are available. These omelets can be prepared in a toaster oven, making them ideal for those who lack time to prepare a hearty breakfast. 

Omelets that have been frozen have a shelf life of several months, making them an excellent food stock for the refrigerator. In addition, you can freeze your omelets or purchase one from a grocery store. Regardless of your preferences, you can add these omelets to your frozen meals and reheat or cook them in your toaster oven at any time. 

Frozen Soup 

If you don’t have the time or patience to prepare hot soup, frozen soup may be the solution. Frozen soup sounds less hearty and flavorful than other frozen foods. Nonetheless, it is one of the quickest to prepare, even simpler than instant noodles. 

These frozen soups are packaged in toaster oven-safe containers and can be reheated whenever desired. Place the package in the toaster oven, which will cover everything else. 

This food may require a lengthy reheating procedure. However, once you are finished, you will have a soup you can enjoy anytime. It’s ideal for cold weather and even warms you up at night. 

Frozen Enchiladas 

Enchiladas of any variety will always be among the most delectable foods. Whether it’s the cheesy or savory flavor, it will be an excellent option for filling your stomach. Now, the great thing is that you can find these meals frozen and toaster oven-safe in grocery stores! 

Toasting frozen enchiladas take only a few minutes in a toaster oven. Thus, you can enjoy such a hearty meal anytime in a matter of minutes! Enjoy it at night with a glass of juice or even some cocktails! 

In addition to being available in grocery stores, you can prepare it yourself if you choose. Prepare a large batch and freeze it so you’ll have stock when the craving strikes again. 

Frozen Pizza 

The selection of frozen foods would not be complete without pizza. Everyone enjoys pizza because it is suitable for any occasion. However, preparing one is complex, and ordering delivery can be difficult if you develop a sudden craving. 

The best part is that you can buy frozen pizza and reheat it in a toaster oven. It will only take a few minutes, after which you will hold a pizza slice. This food is sold in local grocery stores, and you can freeze your own. It is the perfect food if you only have a toaster at home. 

Frozen Burritos 

Who would refuse Mexican staples such as burritos? These foods are merely complete meals wrapped in a flour tortilla. It contains meat, vegetables, and even some carbohydrates, making it an ideal on-the-go meal. 

The good news is that frozen burritos are available at any local grocery store. So that you can easily pick them up and reheat them in your toaster oven, depending on the size of your burrito, reheating will only take a few minutes. It’s the ideal lunch at the office or home when you don’t feel like cooking anything. 

If you dislike the flavor of store-bought frozen burritos, you can make and freeze your own. Thus, when you have a craving, you can remove one from the refrigerator and reheat it in a toaster oven! It’s ideal, correct? 

Frozen Sausage 

Breakfast is incomplete without protein but preparing it can be time-consuming. Therefore, frozen sausages may be the best option if you are in a hurry and need protein to reheat in a toaster oven. 

The great thing about frozen sausages is that you can prepare them even with a relatively small toaster oven. This frozen item is an excellent choice for breakfast and can serve as lunch or dinner. 

Toaster ovens are ideal for cooking frozen sausages because they don’t create much mess, allowing you to clean up after eating quickly. Overall, it is perfect for cooking in a toaster oven. 

8 Tips For Cooking Frozen Meals In A Toaster Oven 

Even though we’re all about healthy dinners such as spaghetti squash burrito bowls and quinoa zucchini salads, it’s occasionally nice to have a night off from cooking. Frozen meals are an excellent option when you haven’t eaten in a day, or you’re not feeling well. 

They’re convenient, less expensive than takeout, and even offer excellent vegetarian and vegan options. 

Unfortunately, microwaving tends to ruin the flavor of frozen foods. But I get it. Turning on the oven to reheat one or two meals feels so wasteful. 

The good news is that your toaster oven can help you prepare evenly heated, non-soggy, and even appetizing frozen meals. And because they preheat more quickly and consume less energy, toaster ovens are a more efficient way to achieve that home-cooked taste. 

Your small oven is not magical. Therefore, it will not cook your dinner any quicker, but it will taste much better than a soggy microwaved dish. 

Here are some of our best cooking tips and the baking dishes and pans we use to prepare frozen meals in our toaster oven. 

1. Read Before You Buy. 

A significant number of companies are developing microwave-only frozen dinners. Do not purchase these if you want to cook frozen meals in your toaster oven. 

Instead, search for meals with toaster oven instructions or conventional ones that do not prohibit toaster oven use. 

Amy’s frozen meals are our favorite because they are vegetarian, and every box includes toaster oven instructions! Since my senior year of high school, so cough cough…several decades, I’ve been consuming them. 

We do not recommend using toaster ovens due to their variable size, heat distribution, distance from the heating element, and insulation. The product would be too close to the heat source, resulting in a fire. 

2. Remove any packaging. 

Before cooking, instructions for each box’s toaster oven instruct you to remove all packaging and transfer the meal to an oven-safe baking dish. 

Note: Never place paper or plastic in a toaster oven, as they pose a fire risk. 

3. Use a toaster oven pan or baking dish. 

I search for a pan or baking dish with dimensions and shapes like the frozen meal. 

Like the enchilada bowl pictured above, sauces and fillings can spread out and bake onto the pan if the pan is too large. If you were wondering, it was still tasty despite being somewhat dry. 

There are many options for toaster oven baking dishes, including casseroles and small Dutch ovens. 

This 7 x 5-inch baking dish is ideal for rectangular dishes such as enchiladas. For bowl-style meals, we use a 6-by-2-inch round cake pan, a mini pie pan (ours is too small, so it doesn’t always work), or a 6.5-inch cast iron skillet. 

If I attempt to cook two meals simultaneously, I will typically place them in an 11 x 7-inch baking dish. 

We avoid glass baking dishes because most major manufacturers advise against using them in a toaster oven and against avoiding drastic temperature changes (like tossing a frozen meal into a hot oven). 

What about foods that need to be covered while cooking? 

We’re attempting to use less aluminum foil at home, so if a baking dish lacks a lid, we cover it with a cookie sheet. 

Can aluminum foil be used to cover a pan? 

Maybe? Due to the variety of ovens and the lack of an industry-standard, each manufacturer provides instructions for using aluminum foil. Therefore, you should consult the manual or contact the manufacturer. 

Lightly grease the pan. 

Optional, but I find it prevents food from sticking and facilitates cleanup (especially metal pans). 

5. Consider adding your food while preheating it. 

I place the frozen dish in the baking dish and position the dish on the cooking rack. Then I begin preheating the toaster oven. 

Since the food, baking dish, and oven all heat up simultaneously, this results in more even cooking. 

*Note: I have not attempted this method with pies, for which the initial high temperature is crucial to the baking process. 

6. Reduce the cooking temperature by 25 degrees. 

When cooking thicker items (such as lasagnas or casseroles) or when using convection, we reduce the temperature. 

If the temperature is too high, the edges may dry, and the center may freeze. This problem can also arise when using a convection toaster oven. Reducing the temperature by 25 degrees allows the oven to reheat the entire dish gradually. 

If your oven heats quickly, it may be best to reduce the temperature for all frozen meals. 

7. Inspect your food early. 

In our toaster ovens, we prepared veggie pot pies, tofu bowls, enchiladas, and various other frozen meals while working on this post. Most of them were ready 5 to 10 minutes earlier than the minimum time specified in the box. 

Whether you’re using a traditional toaster oven or a convection toaster oven, it’s a good idea to check on your food approximately two-thirds of the way through the cooking time. 

If your food is not ready, place it back in the oven and add more time. 

Also, when preparing foods such as macaroni and cheese, stirring the center of the dish halfway through the recommended cooking time helps the food cook more evenly. 

This also allows you to see if the edges are cooking too quickly and adjust the temperature accordingly. Or cover the baking dish if the surface is browning too quickly. 

8. Use a Thermometer. 

To ensure that your food has been thoroughly cooked, insert a thermometer into multiple locations. 

Confirming that all food has been cooked to a safe temperature is convenient—especially when preparing frozen vegetable pot pies or any faux meat product, such as chicken-less nuggets. 

Traditional (non-digital) thermometers work well and can be found in most supermarkets and home-goods stores if you’re looking for something local. 

Finally, be kind to your pots and pans. 

Before eating, we transfer the food to a plate or bowl to avoid damaging the metal pan with our utensils. 

Plus, it allows you to spice up the dish with a dash of hot sauce, additional cheese, or a sprinkling of fresh herbs. 


Essentially, you can cook almost any frozen meal in a toaster oven. It is a simple way to prepare meals for people like us who are always on the move or in a hurry. While the best food is prepared with great care and precision, sometimes a toaster oven is sufficient to satisfy our hunger! 

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