Best Juicer For Celery: Why You Need One In Your Kitchen

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When consumed before meals, celery juice is effective as an appetite suppressant. Whether you’re interested in celery juice for its health benefits or weight loss, please note that using a powerful enough juicer will help prevent blade jams caused by the vegetable’s tough texture. 

Fresh vegetable juices are a popular strategy for weight loss and vitamin consumption. To save you time, we’ve compiled a list of the best juicers for celery here 

Our Top Picks 

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Health Benefits Of Celery Juice 

Celery juice is a popular health drink with nutrients and antioxidants. Some of the potential health benefits of celery juice include: 

  1. Improving heart health – Celery juice contains compounds that can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which are risk factors for heart disease.
  2. Boosting weight loss – Celery juice is low in calories and high in fiber, both of which are beneficial for weight loss.
  3. Improving digestive health – Celery juice can help to increase the production of stomach acid, which can aid digestion.
  4. Enhancing skin health – Celery juice’s antioxidants can help protect the skin from damage and improve its appearance.
  5. Reducing inflammation – Celery juice contains compounds that can help to reduce inflammation throughout the body.
  6. Boosting immunity – The vitamins and minerals in celery juice can help to boost the immune system.
  7. Supporting detoxification – Celery juice can help flush toxins out of the body and support detoxification.
  8. Improving brain health – Celery juice contains compounds that can help to improve cognitive function and reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases.
  9. Reducing stress – The celery juice’s nutrients can help reduce stress levels and promote relaxation.

Celery juice is a healthy drink that offers a wide range of potential health benefits. Drinking celery juice regularly can help to improve heart health, boost weight loss, enhance skin health, reduce inflammation, and support detoxification. Additionally, celery juice can help to improve brain health, reduce stress levels, and boost immunity. 

How To Make Celery Juice In A Juicer 

Celery juice is a great way to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals, and it’s also a delicious and refreshing beverage. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make celery juice, you’ll need a juicer. There are many types of juicers on the market, so choosing one that’s right for you is essential. Once you have a juicer, making celery juice is a breeze. 

To make celery juice in a juicer,  

  • Start by washing the celery stalks thoroughly. 
  • Cut off any brown or yellow leaves and trim the ends of the stalks. 
  • Next, cut the celery into pieces that will fit easily into your juicer. 

If you’re using a handheld juicer, you may need to cut the celery into smaller pieces. 

  • Once the celery is cut up, could you place it in the juicer and turn it on? 
  • Let the juicer work until all the celery has been juiced. 
  • Pour the celery juice into a glass and enjoy immediately. 
  • If you’re not going to drink it right away, store the celery juice in a sealed container in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Enjoy! 

Tips On Making Celery Juice In A Juicer 

If you want to add more vegetables to your diet, juicing is a great way to do it. And what better vegetable to juice than celery? Celery is packed with nutrients and is especially good for gut health. Plus, it’s easy to juice at home using a juicer. 

Here are some tips on how to make celery juice in a juicer: 

  1. Start with clean, fresh celery. Wash the celery stalks well and cut off any brown or yellow leaves.
  2. Cut the celery into pieces that will fit easily into your juicer. There’s no need to peel or chop the celery; just cut it into manageable chunks.
  3. Put the celery into your juicer and let it do its work. You’ll need to pulsate the celery a few times to get all the juice out, but be careful not to overdo it or end up with celery pulp in your juice.
  4. Once all the juice is extracted, pour it into a glass and enjoy it immediately. Celery juice is best fresh, so don’t store it for more than a day or two.

And there you have it! Juicing celery is easy and a great way to add more vegetables to your diet. Just drink it fresh for the best taste and health benefits. 

Benefits Of Using A Juicer For Celery  

Celery is often juiced for its health benefits. Celery juice is packed with nutrients like vitamins A, C, and K and minerals like potassium and magnesium. Celery juice also contains antioxidants and phytochemicals that can boost your immune system and help protect against disease. Drinking celery juice regularly can help improve your digestion, lower cholesterol, and reduce inflammation. 

Celery juice is also a great source of fiber. Fiber helps to keep you regular and can also help to lower cholesterol levels. Drinking celery juice can help you get the recommended daily amount of fiber, 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men. 

If you want to add more vegetables to your diet, juicing celery is a great option. Celery juice is low in calories and fat and is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Drinking celery juice can help you reach your daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables. Juicing celery is also a quick and easy way to get all the benefits of eating celery without having to eat it. So, if you want a healthy and convenient way to add more vegetables to your diet, juicing celery is a great option. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Juicer For Celery 

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to review the top 10 best juicer for celery, here are a few additional factors to consider before making this purchase. 


When purchasing a juicer, you should look for one that performs well. How can you tell if your juicer is performing well? It’s all about pulp and juice content. A juicer that produces dry pulp has successfully extracted every drop of juice from the fruits and vegetables, whereas a juicer that makes wet pulp performs poorly. Determine which juicer produces the driest pulp possible. This is particularly crucial when juicing celery, which is notorious for retaining its juice. 


You want a juicer that operates rapidly. Most of us do not have much time to wait while our juicer works. The challenge is that most fast juicers produce moist pulp. The second difficulty is that a fast juicer can overheat, removing the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables. If you are taking the time to juice celery, you are likely doing so for the health benefits. However, the nutrients will be lost if your machine heats your juice. I recommend searching for a juicer with a high-speed motor that does not overheat. Choose a juicer with speed between 80 and 110 RPM. So, you obtain the best of both worlds. Rapid and nourishing! 

Ease Of Cleaning 

Indeed, if your juicer is difficult to clean, will you use it less? Machines with numerous components to disassemble, clean, and reassemble are a nuisance! Consider a juicer with fewer parts and parts that are dishwasher safe. Numerous juicers include a cleaning brush to facilitate cleanup. 

Noise Level 

What could be worse than a juicer that wakes up the entire family! If you have young children, a roommate, or a loved one that you don’t want to wake up with your juicer in the morning, look for a juicer that is on the quieter side. 

Productivity And Nutrient Retention 

As stated previously, the most effective juicer produces dry pulp, resulting in a higher juice yield. In addition to one that does not heat the juice, you retain more nutrients. 


Depending on the size of your kitchen, counter space, and cabinets, you may desire a more compact and diminutive juicer. However, if the size is not an issue, you should purchase the one that meets your other requirements. Vertical juicers are typically more compact than horizontal juicers, which usually require more space. 

BPA Content 

Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a toxin found in plastics that has been linked to various diseases, including cancer. Even though the FDA has released a report stating that the BPA levels in plastic and cans are safe for human consumption, it is still highly recommended that you choose a BPA-free product. 

Brand Reputation 

Being a household name has its advantages. You can rest easy knowing that the company from which you purchased the juicer will not vanish in the morning. If there is a problem with your product, contact their support. Whether you are returning your juicer or have a question, I am confident that they will be pleased to assist you. 


Search for a juicer with a solid guarantee. Some of the juicers listed above have 15 to 1-year warranties. Even though the more expensive ones have a more extended warranty, you can rest assured that they are made with quality components and will be replaced if anything happens. You will likely want a juicer with a longer warranty if you anticipate juicing for an extended period. In contrast, if you’re just getting started, you might opt for a less expensive juicer at first and then upgrade if anything happens to the original. 

Best Juicer For Celery: 10 Juicers That Will Get The Job Done

If you’re looking for the best juicer for celery, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best juicers on the market that will make quick work of celery and leave you with delicious, nutrient-rich juice. 

So, whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or the best of the best, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are the ten best juicers for celery: 

1. Best Overal: Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center

Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center Creates Fruit Vegetable and Wheatgrass Juice Quiet Motor Slow Masticating Dual-Stage Extraction with Adjustable Settings, 150-Watt, Metallic

as of April 12, 2024 4:30 pm

The Omega Celery Juicer is one of the few products designed specifically for extracting juice from celery stalks. This product is endorsed by the individual who initiated the celery juice craze. 

The Omega NC900HDC resembles the company’s J8006 series, which we have always praised for its adequate juicing capacity. 

This efficiency is mainly attributable to the slow-moving masticator. This auger shreds vegetables and presses the fibrous material against a double-screen filter. The coarse filter removes all liquids, leaving not a single drop of juice behind. Then, the exemplary screen removes smaller solid particles for a glass of fluid that is smooth and refreshing. 

The unique celery end cap distinguishes this slow juicer from its predecessor and makes it superior for celery juicing. This narrow end cap further slows the mastication process without slowing down the auger. This means that each piece of stringing stalk is subjected to more significant pressure to extract juice more efficiently. 

Although this may appear to be a gimmick, the results are evident. Compared to the standard end cap included in this set, the celery end cap consistently produces drier pulp. 

This juicer machine is the way to go if you’re serious about drinking 16 ounces of celery juice daily. Not only is it surprisingly inexpensive, but it will also save you money by reducing the amount of celery you need. In addition, it includes a 15-year warranty on parts and performance. 

Key Features 
  • Low Speed, Masticating Juicer and Nutrition System ® 
  • 80 RPM, single auger 
  • 5 adjustable pressure settings 
  • Low speed minimizes heat build-up and oxidation 
  • Easy cleaning with automatic pulp ejection 
  • Powerful 2HP motor generates more torque to process tough ingredients 
  • Built-in handle 
  • High juice yield saves $ on your grocery bill 
  • Quiet operation 
  • USA / Canada 15-year parts & performance 
  • Powerful and quiet
  • Minimal heat buildup
  • It can be used for hours
  • Maximum juice extraction
  • Expensive
  • Not advisable for pure leafy vegetables

2. Runner-Up: Breville BJE830BSS Juice Founatin Cold XL Centrifugal Juicer

Breville BJE830BSS Juice Founatin Cold XL Centrifugal Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel

as of April 12, 2024 4:30 pm

If speed is the most critical factor in your search for a celery juicer, you should consider the Breville BJE830BSS XL Centrifugal Juicer. 

This centrifugal model is not as effective as a masticating juicer at extracting moisture from celery and other produce, but it is much faster. And compared to other juicers of this type, this one is the most efficient. 

In addition to having a faster juice extraction rate, this cold press juicer has a large chute. This also means less preparation time upfront. You can easily feed in a handful of celery stalks at once without compromising juice yield or processing speed. 

The rolling speed dial makes it simple to determine the optimal speed for each soft fruit and complex vegetable type. There is no reverse function, which is unnecessary. The spinning screen basket’s sharp teeth make quick work of even the most challenging vegetables. 

Compared to most centrifugal juicers, this one is straightforward to clean. It also emits less heat, enhancing nutrient retention and longer runtime. 

The space-saving design may be our favorite feature, however. The pulp collection bin is located on the back rather than opposite the fresh juice container, requiring less counter space. 

If you are accustomed to using a masticator, you will likely be dissatisfied with the amount of moisture left in Breville’s pulp. If you prefer the speed and convenience of a centrifuge model, however, you will be impressed by this product’s efficiency and power compared to other centrifuge options. 

Key Features 
  • FASTER SPEED: Featuring an even bigger 3.5-inch feed chute, the Juice Fountain Cold XL can extract up to 70 fluid ounce of delicious, nutrient rich juice up to 5x faster than a ‘cold press’ machine 
  • FEED CHUTE: The newly designed 3.5-inch-wide chute feed allows you to juice whole fruits and vegetables without pre-cutting 
  • COLD SPIN TECHNOLOGY: This Juicer features the Cold Spin technology that allows juice to flow up and through the stainless-steel cutting disc surrounded by an Italian-made mesh filter to ensure an insignificant temperature increase 
  • NOISE REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY: Juicing on quiet setting reduces mechanical noise by 40%, thanks to the Noise Reduction technology 
  • LONG LASTING JUICE: You can juice and seal in a XL 70 fluid ounce jug for the whole family or store it in the refrigerator for up to 3 days 
  • Extracts 70 fl oz. of juice
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Large feeder chute
  • Large capacity juice jug
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Less yield than a slow juicer
  • Pricey

3. Best Budget: Ninja JC101 Cold Press Pro Compact Powerful Slow Juicer

Ninja JC101 Cold Press Pro Compact Powerful Slow Juicer with Total Pulp Control and Easy Clean, Graphite, 13.78 in L x 6.89 in W x 14.17 in H

as of April 12, 2024 4:30 pm

Ninja is well-known for some of the best blenders, including its Nutribullet personal blender alternatives and some of the best air fryers, so it is no surprise that it has launched its kitchen juicing appliance to compete with some of the best juicers. 

The Ninja Cold Press Juicer is the only juicer model offered by Ninja. It is a slow or masticating juicer, meaning it extracts juice by grinding or chewing fruit and vegetables and filtering the liquid through a pulp filter. Typically, these juicers are more efficient than centrifugal juicers at extracting juice. 

This model is one of the most inexpensive slow juicers we’ve seen, but the chunky plastic design and small juice jug give the impression of a less expensive juicer. All the components are dishwasher-safe, making cleanup simple. 

There are only two buttons, making it easy to operate, but the parts can be difficult to lock. Due to the location of the juice spout, the small juice jug cannot be replaced with anything larger. This juicer excels at producing obvious, pulp-free juice, but its low juice extraction yields make a great deal of waste. Those seeking a juicer for occasional use or those who will use the large quantities of waste pulp in other recipes will benefit the most. 

Key Features 
  • Cold Press Technology that produces more juice, less foam, and brighter colors than leading centrifugal juicers. 
  • Total Pulp Control allows for customized juice with three interchangeable pulp filters – No Pulp, Some Pulp, and Lots of Pulp. 
  • With all parts that touch juice dishwasher safe, the Ninja Cold Press Juicer Pro is easier to clean than leading centrifugal juicers. 
  • 2 one-touch programs for simple use – Start/Stop and Reverse. 
  • Powerful high-torque motor base rotates auger at low speeds. 
  • Simple assembly makes for no-hassle setup and cleaning. 
  • Cleaning brush included for those hard-to-reach areas. 
  • The anti-drip lever keeps surfaces clean and prevents waste. 
  • The compact size makes it easy to store or fit under cabinets. 
  • Compact Design
  • Entry Level Price Point
  • Quiet
  • 150 Watt Motor
  • 3 Pulp Filters
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Lots of Parts (Difficult to Clean)
  • Less Quality Juice
  • Small Chute
  • Pulp Can Clog

4. Best Premium - Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer EVO820GM

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer EVO820GM – Higher Nutrients and Vitamins, BPA-Free Components, Easy to Clean, Ultra Efficient 240W, 50RPMs, Includes Smoothie and Blank Strainer-Gun Metal

as of April 12, 2024 4:30 pm

Reduce your preparation time and savor the fuller, more robust flavor. Utilizing low-speed masticating technology, the ultra-efficient Kuvings juicer extracts the most juice from fresh produce while preserving nutrients and minerals. Excellent for making delicious juices, milk, and frozen desserts with fruits, leafy greens, and nuts. With a streamlined design and leather-like texture on the base of the motor, we offer a sleek, contemporary look that will complement any kitchen. 

This juicer is incredible! I drink 16 ounces of celery juice every morning and 16-ounce bottles of carrot, orange, turmeric, and ginger juice every three days. I store them in glass bottles, maintaining their freshness for 72 hours. Heavy duty for juice addicts! 

This juicer is worth the price because of its performance and durability; the plastic is thick, and all the parts are sturdy! It includes an excellent screen cleaning tool. Kuvings are great juicers. Your health may require an investment, but it is well worth it. 

Key Features 
  • The New O shape flap gate 
  • Wider 82mm Feeding chute 
  • Leather Pattern New Design 
  • Reinforced drum lid 
  • Upgraded 5th generation drum 
  • Easy washing of pulp outlet 
  • Safe flap gate system 
  • BPA-FREE Tritan for the environment and health 
  • Large Feeding Chute
  • Safe to Use, flap gate system keeps little hands from getting caught
  • Quiet
  • BPA Free
  • Stable Operation (no wabbling)
  • Quality Juice
  • Mix Juices
  • Comes in Various Colors and Patterns
  • Optional Citrus Module
  • Premium Price
  • Not Dishwasher Safe
  • Doesn’t Work Well for Leafy Greens
  • Slow Speed

5. Best Twin Gear: Tribest GS-1000 Greenstar Original Twin Gear Cold Press Masticating Juice Extractor

Tribest GS-1000 Greenstar Original Twin Gear Cold Press Masticating Juice Extractor, White

as of April 12, 2024 4:30 pm

Our Original Twin Gear Cold Press Masticating Juice Extractor will lead you to a healthier lifestyle. It has a knob for adjusting the pressure that is simple to use, a carrying handle, and automatic pulp ejection. This versatile juicer machine comes with a 5-year warranty and enhances your countertop’s aesthetics and functionality.  

Tribest believes everyone should have the right and authority to make decisions regarding a healthy lifestyle. Tribest provides high-quality items that will energize your life and make a living a robust lifestyle more comfortable. 

We have juiced everything from soft mangoes to tough carrots. This juicer is a voracious eater. 

The white neoprene will stain from the juices no matter how careful you are when cleaning all the internal components. The fact that they cannot be seen when the juicer is assembled is not an issue for me, but my wife disapproves. 

The pulp is dehydrated, indicating that the juicer is extracting every drop of juice. My mother has a green star that differs from this one. She has achieved the same outcomes as I have. She sometimes incorporates pulp into her homemade bread and soups. 

Overall, this is an excellent juicer, and I am confident it will provide us with many years of service. 

Key Features 
  • HD Twin Gears 
  • No Heat Build Up 
  • Bioceramic Magnetic Technology 
  • Low Quiet Speed of 110 RPM 
  • Pressure Adjusting Knob 
  • Automatic Pulp Ejection 
  • Sturdy Modern Design 
  • 5 Year Warranty 
  • Dry Pulp
  • Fast Juicing
  • No Heat Produced
  • Nutrient Dense Juice
  • 12-Year Warranty
  • Quiet
  • Expensive
  • Large, takes up a lot of space
  • Many Parts
  • Difficult to Clean

6. CIRAGO Juicer Machines

Cuisinart CJE-1000 Die-Cast Juice Extractor

as of April 12, 2024 4:30 pm

Slow juicer machines are superior to high-speed centrifugal juicers because they extract more nutrients from fruits and vegetables without destroying them and reduce the rate of oxidation of fresh juice. 

This convenient juicer features a one-button assembly that allows you to disassemble and clean all the parts in the dishwasher quickly. This juice’s rotational speed of 80 RPM will enable it to retain vital nutrients and reduce oxidation. Even at less than 60 decibels, the unit will not disturb sleeping family members or roommates. 

The BPA-free construction of the CIRAGO cold press juicer makes it safe for your health and the environment. You can use it to extract juice from most fruits and vegetables. It is, therefore, a necessary addition to your home to improve your family’s nutrition. A powerful motor allows you to obtain your juice in a short amount of time. This 150-watt motor efficiently separates the juice from the pulp. 

Maximum nutritional value is retained. It produces more flavorful and pure juice. Almost every fruit and vegetable fits. Easy disassembly and maintenance. Excellent customer service. Excellent filtration. Affordable juicer. 

Key Features 
  • Higher Nutrient Preservation 
  • Upgraded 7 segment spiral masticating and high density 304 filter 
  • BPA-free material and dishwasher-safe 
  • Quiet Motor & Two Speed Adjustment 
  • Reduces oxidation rate
  • 7 segment masticating power
  • Less than 60 decibels noise
  • Low power usage
  • Clogs after some time
  • The cup for the pulp can be flimsy

7. Cuisinart CJE-1000 Die-Cast Juice Extractor

Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite, Cold Press Complete Masticating Slow Juicer with Jumbo Twin Gears

as of April 12, 2024 4:30 pm

Featuring a 1000-watt motor, this easy-to-use juice extractor makes it exceptionally convenient to enjoy fresh, nutritious fruit and vegetable juice at home. The unit’s 3-inch feeding chute is large enough to accept whole apples, pears, and other large fruits and vegetables (extra-large items may need to be cut into smaller pieces first). 

Choose from five-speed settings by rotating the control dial with the blue LED light ring, then watch as the juice flows effortlessly from the anti-drip adjustable flow spout. The thoughtfully designed appliance also features an exclusive easy unlock and lift system, a filter basket specially designed to reduce foam, and a high-quality design that operates quietly; therefore, there is no need to wake up the entire family in the morning. 

It is a perfect unit for juicing carrots, apples, and similar harder veggies. We used it for a large amount of carrot juice (over one gallon, with breaks every liter and to empty pulp container), and it came out with minimum foam, good consistency, and reasonably dry pulp.  

The position of the chute is good; no leaks, splatter, and mess, regardless of 1000 watts on the highest speed. The unit’s cutting basket has minimal vibrations, which disappear at average speed. A floating mechanism is added to the electric motor that works out the vibrations quite nicely. After all, it is a centrifugal juicer, not a satellite guiding system.  

Therefore, little things like this are expected and not bothersome. The locking mechanism on this juicer is very well designed, and the base is made from magnesium-like casting, making it bottom-heavy and quite sturdy. The opening on top is large, so I would be conscientious and never leave this unit unattended if one has a little child of the kind that can get into trouble in a split second. 

Key Features 
  • 1000-watt 5-speed juice extractor with large 3-inch feeding chute 
  • Control dial with blue LED light ring; anti-drip adjustable flow spout; easy unlock and lift system 
  • Foam-reducing filter basket; die-cast and stainless-steel housing; dishwasher-safe parts 
  • Includes 2-liter pulp container, 1-quart juice pitcher, and cleaning brush 
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards 
  • 5-speed juice extractor
  • Large pulp and juice container
  • Large feeder chute
  • Made of die-cast stainless steel
  • Strong vibrations
  • Not suitable for leafy vegetables

8. Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite, Cold Press Complete Masticating Slow Juicer

Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer, Rose Gold

as of April 12, 2024 4:30 pm

To live a healthy life, homeowners must consume a balanced diet containing the necessary nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants. 

Our review of the Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5050 will assist you in deciding whether or not to invest in a high-quality juicer like this one. 

The Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5050, one of the best masticating juicers on the market, makes making juice a breeze. It features cutting-edge twin gears that effortlessly crush all types of ingredients. Powered by a 200-watt motor, the gears spin the augers at 110 revolutions per minute, ensuring maximum yield and premium juice. The 12-year warranty also provides consistent service for an extended period. 

The sleek, horizontal design of the Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5050 Juicer in white and black complements any traditional or contemporary décor. 

Its mechanical plastics are long-lasting, sturdy, and rigid, allowing them to withstand years of heavy, consistent use. A twelve-year warranty backs the juicer’s exceptional durability and dependable service. Its gears are rust-resistant stainless steel and advanced bio-ceramic materials, making them durable and user-friendly. 

This juicer is equipped with a powerful motor that allows the gears to crush harsh ingredients such as carrots and beets easily. The three-stage extraction function of the gears ensures that the juicer can extract juice from fibrous and soft or hard elements. 

These ingenious gears help pulverize ingredients such as celery without causing the strings to wrap around their structure. The gears’ intelligent design allows them to draw in the elements, crush them, and push them slowly to the second and third extraction stages. 

The Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5050 Juicer is ideal for those searching for a high-end, multifunctional appliance that can extract juice from herbs, fruits, and vegetables, make sorbets and baby food, and grind grains and nuts. 

Its sleek design and black and white color scheme also make it the slow juicer of choice for design-savvy homeowners. 

Key Features 
  • Portable with balanced sure-grip handle for easy carrying; 12 Year Warranty 
  • Automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing and easier clean-up 
  • Easily juices most fruits, herbs & vegetables and grinds nuts, grains 
  • Easy to clean and assemble;  
  • Clean the juicer with mild soap and avoid using any hard chemicals, such as bleach, to prolong the quality of the product. 
  • Balanced sure-grip handle
  • Perfect for grinding nuts and grains
  • Easy to clean
  • Offers an efficient juicing
  • Pricey
  • Heavy at more than 7 kgs

9. Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer

Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer, Rose Gold

as of April 12, 2024 4:30 pm

The sophisticated H-AA slow juicer is our flagship product. Our Alpha technology is the newest and most innovative technology on the market. Alpha technology features a sleek new design, enhanced juicing, more straightforward cleaning, and the capacity to produce ice cream. The body of our H-AA Slow Juicer is made of an impact-resistant ABS plastic, while the auger and strainer are made of an eight-times-stronger Ultem material. 

Produces excellent juice from anything you put in it. Apples, spinach, carrots, lettuce, beets, cucumber, oranges, ginger, grapes, celery, and celery leaves. Anything. I feel better, and my children now enjoy drinking their vegetables. Before Hurom, they would argue with me about vegetables, but Hurom saved the day. 

Carrots, oranges, and Granny Smith apples are my go-to liquid sunshine. This is an excellent product, well-built and quiet. I will juice for approximately an hour to produce two 50-ounce containers of fruit and vegetable juice. This is 100 ounces per hour! 

Juice can be stored in a Mason jar in the refrigerator for approximately three days. However, it doesn’t last long with everyone drinking it! 

Key Features 
  • Versatility to produce multiple beverages: fruit juice, vegetable juice, smoothies, nut milk, and ice cream! 
  • Quiet motor: rotates at 43 RPMs 
  • BPA-Free 
  • Made in South Korea 
  • Vertical slow juicer
  • Easy clean between juices
  • Comes with a fine and coarse strainer
  • It can make other drinks
  • Very heavy at 23 lbs

10. Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite C7000S

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite C7000S – Higher Nutrients and Vitamins, BPA-Free Components, Easy to Clean, Ultra Efficient 240W, 60RPMs-Silver

as of April 12, 2024 4:30 pm

The ultra-effective Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer ELITE is equipped with technology that extracts the most juice from fruits and vegetables while preserving the most nutrients. Its extra-wide feeding chute allows whole fruits and vegetables to be juiced with minimal preparation. The hopper attachment makes it easier to add more minor ingredients, and the blank strainer transforms the juicer into an instant sorter. 

This is an excellent juicer and one of the best available. The Kuvings 7000 is a pleasure to operate. When you open the box, the assembly appears complicated but straightforward. If you have any questions, YouTube is always available. The large mouth makes it easier to insert larger produce. The juice must be strained; fortunately, an excellent strainer is included. Less than five minutes are required for cleanup. I typically make three to four juices daily and have not yet gotten bogged down with it. I used the reverse button to ensure that the food processor consumed all the produce. 

In conclusion, it is effortless assembly, rapid juicing sessions, and a pleasurable, hassle-free cleanup. The price was comparable to other retailers and included Prime shipping. Who could want more? There are no disappointments with this purchase. 

Key Features 
  • Features low-speed juicing that can preserve more nutrients 
  • 3″ wide feeding tube fits whole produce, cutting prep time 
  • Squeeze juice from fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and makes nut milks, frozen fruit desserts 
  • Improved juicing system for higher yield and perfomance 
  • New hopper attachment for catching smaller items 
  • Pulp strainer to adjust the amount of pulp in the juice 
  • Cleaning tool makes cleaning a breeze 
  • Includes drip-free Smart Cap 
  • Blank strainer for making frozen fruit sorbet 
  • 10 year limited manufacturer’s warranty 
  • Cleaning tool makes cleaning a breeze 
  • Voltage: 110V 
  • Made in Korea 
  • Made with Ultem solid material
  • Chrome-plated juice spout
  • Large feeder chute
  • Avoids spills and drips
  • Gets jammed easily

Best Juicer For Celery - FAQs

Vitamins and minerals are abundant in celery juice, which has a high nutrient content. It contains very few calories, no fat, and is nearly identical to water, except that it contains added vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, natural sodium, iron, and magnesium. Juicing is superior to eating celery because juicing allows you to obtain more nutrients. It is much more challenging to consume the same amount of nutrients by eating an entire bunch of celery than by drinking a glass of celery juice. 

It has an extremely bitter flavor. You could juice an apple, orange, carrot, or cucumber to reduce the overall bitterness and improve the taste. But if you’re looking for the most nutritional value, it’s best to limit the number of ingredients or drink it without fruits or vegetables. 

Typically, one bunch of celery will produce 12-16 ounces of juice. 

By blending celery, pulp, fiber, and juice are combined. The pulp and fibers are extracted during juicing, leaving only the juice. 

This will depend on the type of juicer you use and the quality of the celery. Typically, celery juice can be refrigerated for three to seven days when stored in an airtight container. 

The daily recommendation for celery juice consumption is 16 ounces. It is best to consume it first thing in the morning and wait approximately 30 minutes before eating breakfast or drinking anything other than water. 

It is possible to consume excessive celery juice. If you drink more than the daily recommended amount, you may experience gastrointestinal discomfort. 


When selecting the best juicer for celery, numerous factors exist. The best juicer for celery for you will depend on your specific needs and intended usage. 

Hopefully, I was able to help you narrow down your choices for the Best Juicer for Celery Juice, but I believe there are still many options available. Remember the suggestions I mentioned. Depending on your budget, you cannot go wrong with Hurom, Omega, Kuvings, or any Breville juicer. 

Slow juicers have dominated this category thus far, and I’ll leave you with the best of the best: the Omega MM900HDS. 

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