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It is perfectly known as a beneficial food processor since it comes with six interchanging blades. Therefore, you can slice vegetable in various thickness or shred thin like hairs, and so on. You will love how easy and useful it is in your kitchen.  

It is a durable and long-lasting product due to the strong stainless-steel blades and reinforced plastic body to contain safe food. If you are having a problem of preparing cooking process, you need a special item that can help you dealing with all types of vegetable.  

It is none other than a vegetable chopper. This kitchen appliance is what every housewife and cook need in order to fasten the process of cutting and dicing. You do not have to spend time and effort by using a single knife and cut ingredient piece by piece anymore. You can simply use the chopper to finish in a few seconds and effortlessly. 

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What is a vegetable chopper? 

A vegetable chopper is a device that swiftly dices food by human or electric pressure. 

There are numerous varieties of choppers available. Some are straightforward and rely on a swiveling blade that you physically compress with your palm. Other manual methods employ a crank to speedily dice food by spinning a blade inside a bowl. And the most sophisticated devices use electricity to cut whole vegetables into various-sized pieces effortlessly. 

What differentiates a food processor from a food chopper? 

The distinction between a vegetable chopper and a food processor is primarily terminological. 

Unlike food processors that have existed for decades, the earliest food choppers required manual power. This device’s most basic variants are considered vegetable choppers, not processors. 

With electric-powered machines, however, the distinction between chopper and processor blurs. Some less expensive electric choppers can only dice vegetables into little pieces. In contrast, genuine food processors can chop, mince, and pulverize vegetables. 

Simple vegetable choppers are less expensive, cumbersome, and easier to clean than food processors but less versatile. A quality electric appliance can serve as a vegetable chopper and a processor. 

How do vegetable choppers work? 

Depending on the type, vegetable choppers operate in various ways. 

Manual Multi-Press Choppers 

These choppers function similarly to the original Slap Chop gadget. 

Using a big tampon-style press, a multi-angled blade is pressed into a cutting board. With each depression, the blade rotates, allowing the vegetable to be chopped into ever-smaller bits. 

A few strikes with one of these implements will provide finely chopped vegetables. Adding a few more will result in smaller bits. If you chop the vegetables very finely, you will end up with minced vegetables. 

Manual Vice Choppers 

These innovative machines force food through a grid of blades using a flip-style press. Typically, the blade can be replaced to chop food into different-sized pieces. 

In contrast to multi-press choppers, this kind takes only a single pass to chop most veggies. However, they need more effort and are less effective with softer foods. 

Manual Crank or Pull Chopper 

These vegetable choppers resemble food processors in appearance. Vegetables are loaded into a basin with center-extended blades. The blades are rotated by a hand crank, pressing or pulling the string until the required consistency is attained. 

These are typically easier on the hands but can be slower when chopping food into little pieces. They require additional time and effort to clean. 

Electric Choppers and Processors 

This type of vegetable cutter is the priciest but also the most adaptable. 

Using blades, food is put into a basin. Some models contain numerous buttons for variable chopping speeds, allowing the creation of vegetable pieces of varying sizes. Others feature only one setting that generates fragments of varying sizes according to how long you let the machine run. 

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Vegetable Choppers  

The best vegetable chopper is an excellent gift for a foodie or a handy kitchen item that makes the life of a home cook easier. It is straightforward, cuts quickly and cleanly, and is composed of durable and easy-to-clean materials. Some cooks prefer a manual or electric vegetable chopper, while others choose a machine with a simple operation or many blades. Here are some factors to consider while purchasing a vegetable chopper for your home. 


Most vegetable chopper blades are food-grade stainless steel, a rust-and corrosion-resistant alloy. As a nonreactive metal, it can be used to slice acidic foods such as tomatoes and lemons. Stainless steel blades are sharp and durable out of the box. 

Size and storability 

If you don’t have a lot of extra space in your kitchen, adding anything to it can be troublesome. A compact, straightforward chopper requires less storage space than one with a wide bowl and additional parts. 

Even among larger choppers, some designs are more compact than others. Some can be split up so that the extra pieces can be folded into the bowl to save space. 

Alternatively, larger models may often hold more fruit. This is a helpful feature if you intend to cook vast quantities of food or want to chop a whole zucchini or onion at once. 

For the veggies to fit under the blade or in the bowl of a small device, they must typically be sliced beforehand. The key to picking a product you’ll be satisfied with is to balance storage capacity with usability. 


If kitchen storage space is limited, purchasing a multifunctional food processor may be worthwhile. While these may take up additional space independently, they require less than many tools that perform the same functions. 

In addition to chopping, many larger devices and vice-style choppers can perform many jobs. These operations may involve slicing, mixing, shredding, spiralizing, and pulverizing. 

Ease of Cleaning 

Because they create less trash than other types of vegetable choppers, vegetable choppers with catch trays or work bowls simplify meal preparation. These bowls contain chopped vegetables to prevent them from falling on the counter or floor while the cook prepares the remaining components for the meal. 

It is always simplest to clean a vegetable chopper immediately after use, and immediate washing also reduces discoloration of the catch tray. Always disconnect an electric vegetable chopper before cleaning, disassembling, and rinsing it well. Some chopper blades may become clogged with food, which must be cleaned before washing the blades and the chopper. As you may have inferred from reading these instructions, choppers with fewer parts are easier to clean than ones that must be disassembled after every usage. 

Most vegetable choppers can be cleaned on a dishwasher’s upper rack. Even electric vegetable choppers include dishwasher-safe parts these days; however, it is essential to double-check the manufacturer’s recommendations. All components (especially the blade) must be well dried before storing the chopper. 


Because they all include sharp blades, all food choppers pose a minimal danger of injury. However, certain varieties are more prone to causing damage, especially if you have young chefs in the kitchen. Consider the accessibility of the blades when selecting a chopper for your aspiring chef. Do they require frequent manipulation like the grid blades of a vice-cutter? Or are they concealed like certain multi-press and basin varieties? 

Top 10 Best Vegetable Choppers Reviews in 2022

These are some of the most incredible vegetable choppers on the market, chosen for their user-friendliness, practicality, and kitchen use. Several award categories exist to assist users in locating the vegetable chopper that best meets their demands, given that the needs of home cooks vary. 

1. Best Overall: Hamilton Beach Electric Vegetable Chopper

Hamilton Beach Electric Vegetable Chopper & Mini Food Processor, 3-Cup, 350 Watts, for Dicing, Mincing, and Puree, Black (72850)

as of June 27, 2024 7:54 am

If you are seeking an automatic vegetable chopper that is simple to operate, compact, and uncomplicated with a single press, you have found it in this model from Hamilton Beach. 

This chopper is our favorite because it has everything, we could want in one convenient package. 

This little chopper is small enough to fit in closets with limited space, yet large enough to contain three cups of processed food. And it is simple to use. Stack the pieces, pour in the vegetable bits, and secure the lid. 

The blade action is controlled by force applied to the device. If you desire huge pieces, pulse the food only a few times. Maintain constant pressure on the veggies until the required consistency is achieved. 

This is a potent small device for home chefs with little room and funds who wish to reduce their food preparation time. 

If you frequently prepare large dishes or desire a more hands-off chopper, this is likely not the ideal option. However, we cannot recommend the Hamilton Beach vegetable chopper and processor enough regarding usability and dependability. 

About this item 
  • No difficult twisting or locking, just press lid for chopping action 
  • Stainless steel chopping/mixing blades 
  • Powerful 350-watt motor 
  • Dishwasher safe bowl, lid and blade 
  • Built-in oil dispenser 

2. Runner-Up: Vegetable Chopper Mandoline Slicer Cutter Chopper

Vegetable Chopper Mandoline Slicer Cutter Chopper and Grater 11 in 1 Vegetable Slicer Potato Onion Chopper Veggie Chopper Dicer with Container Gray

as of June 27, 2024 7:54 am

Consider Alrens’ flexible vegetable chopper if you’re a home cook looking to improve your food preparation skills. It comes with two sizes of chopping blades, two shredding blades, a slicing blade, and a waffle blade; cooks swap out the blade that best matches the current task. 

In addition to chopping, the device includes a mashing insert, egg separator, drain basket, and peeler, making it a veritable master of kitchen preparation. This manual-lever chopper is made of BPA-free plastic with stainless steel blades and keeps 4 cups of prepared veggies until they are ready for use. 

The fact that the Alrens vegetable cutter contains protective safety elements makes it much more worthy of notice, even though its range of functions alone would make it noteworthy. Its non-slip rubber handle provides leverage and stability, and its protective handguard prevents users from cutting themselves on the blades by accident. It is designed for easy cleanup, and this vegetable chopper’s components are completely dishwasher safe. 

About this item 
  • Designed for Safety & Durability 
  • Make Your Meal Preparation Fast & Efficient 
  • Comes with a Gift:Drain Basket 

3. Fullstar Vegetable Chopper – Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer

Fullstar Vegetable Chopper – Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer – Onion Chopper with Container – Pro Food Chopper – Black Slicer Dicer Cutter – 4 Blades

as of June 27, 2024 7:54 am

Using lever power, the manual chopper from Fullstar swiftly transforms whole veggies into various sliced shapes. From large and small chopped pieces to vegetable spirals and ribbons, the blades of this tiny device chop, julienne, and slice vegetables into the desired size and shape, saving cooks a ton of time in the process. 

Blades made of stainless steel are sharp and remain so for a long time. The BPA-free plastic container can store up to four cups of vegetables, reducing the frequency with which users must empty it. The design incorporates a locking mechanism to secure the blade inserts, a rubberized handle for leverage, and a non-slip base to prevent the chopper from moving away when the lever is in action. The entire mechanism may be disassembled, and the top rack of the dishwasher is safe for cleaning. After drying, it rolls up beautifully for storing. 

About this item 
  • 4 interchangeable blades 
  • Built-in chop lid 
  • Storage container 
  • Rust resistant heavy-duty 420 stainless steel retains razor sharpness 
  • Soft grip handle with rubberized tpu 

4. Best Heavy Duty: Mueller Vegetable Chopper

Mueller Vegetable Chopper – Heavy Duty Vegetable Slicer – Onion Chopper with Container – Food Chopper Slicer Dicer Cutter – 4 Blades

as of June 27, 2024 7:54 am

Electric choppers make even the most complicated dishes simple and quick to prepare. However, they are typically noisy, hefty, and expensive. This hand-cranked chopper is nearly as easy to use as an electric processor and has the added benefits of being quieter, lighter, and less costly. 

This product’s combination of extra-sharp blades and a longer crank makes it feasible to dice an entire onion in just five turns. And a paste can be created in fewer than ten turns. And with a 5-cup bowl, you can mince a vast quantity of products simultaneously. Manually chopping vegetables has never required so little effort! 

This chopper is ideal for anyone with many vegetables to prepare quickly. Vast restaurant cooks that must prepare many vegetables with precise consistency are some of this product’s biggest supporters. It is also an excellent option for those who create their salsas and vegetable-based sauces. 

About this item 
  • Top Rack Dishwasher Safe 
  • Wash Immediately After Use 
  • Silicon Grip for Easy Use 
  • Includes a Cleaning Brush 
  • Non-Slip Food Container 

5. Best Cheap: Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper

Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper, Set of 1, Cherry

as of June 27, 2024 7:54 am

With this inexpensive manual food chopper from Chef’n, you may enjoy chopping veggies instead of dreading it. Home cooks cut vegetables by pulling a string that spins the chopper’s blades; the greater the number of pulls, the finer the chop; the fewer the pulls, the coarser the chop. 

Pull the rope multiple times, and the avocados and onions become acceptable enough to prepare guacamole with a rustic flavor. The BPA-free plastic container of the VeggiChop holds approximately 3 cups of ingredients, and the twist-lock top keeps fingers away from the blades. If you’ve chopped more vegetables than you need, place the supplied lid on the bowl in the refrigerator to keep the excess. 

VeggiChop is straightforward and does an excellent job of chopping, making it ideal for small kitchens, casual cooks, and campers. However, mise en place purists should be aware that the sliced veggies are not consistently shaped. The simplistic design of the chopper makes it quite simple to clean, especially since all its components are dishwasher safe. 

About this item 
  • Chop large pieces of fruit 
  • Time Saver 
  • Compact Storage 
  • Easy To Clean 

6. Best Manual: Vivaant Food Chopper – Manual Slicer Dicer Mincer

Vivaant Food Chopper – Manual Slicer Dicer Mincer – Time Saver For Vegetables Salads Onions Garlic Nuts And More – Commercial Quality With Easy-Clean Design (Stainless)

as of June 27, 2024 7:54 am

Despite its diminutive size, Vivaant’s manual food chopper is durable and slices vegetables, fruit, nuts, and more finely with a simple push action. Heavy-duty, zigzag-shaped stainless-steel blades effortlessly cut through veggies. With just a few presses of the rubberized button, the 1-cup container is filled with chopped, diced, or minced veggies far more quickly than a chef could do with a knife. 

The adaptable design of the chopper allows it to be used straight on a chopping board or with its non-slip base and vegetable-holding cup. The method includes two revolving scrapers to prevent food from adhering to the container’s sides and cuts veggies into uniform sizes. The vegetable chopper is simple to disassemble; rinse the detachable blades and place all the parts in the dishwasher for effortless cleaning. Press the lock button once the item is dry for simple storage. 

About this item 
  • (8 oz) capacity  
  • Reduce Prep Time 
  • Outstanding Quality 
  • Safety First 
  • Lifetime satisfaction guarantee 

7. Best Electric: Black+Decker -Cup Electric Food Chopper

Black+Decker, Improved Assembly, HC300B FreshPrep 3-Cup Electric Food Chopper, capacity

as of June 27, 2024 7:54 am

BLACK & DECKER electric vegetable chopper makes chopping veggies easier. While other electric choppers include numerous functions, this vegetable chopper focuses on doing a single function well. A pulse button with a single touch enables home cooks to customize the coarseness or fineness of vegetable chopping.  

When the button is kept down for an extended period, the same blade is used to combine and purée sauces and dips. The 175-watt motor is adequate for chopping and mincing, and its plastic shell provides protection. The 3-cup plastic work bowl shields fingers from the stainless-steel blades of the chopper. 

This electric chopper includes a base, bowl, S-shaped blades, and a lid for efficient and sanitary chopping. The lid contains tiny holes, making it convenient for home cooks who want to add oil to the bowl while the device is in use (think homemade salad dressings and dips). All detachable components are dishwasher-safe for convenient cleanup. 

About this item 
  • 3-Cup Capacity 
  • Dishwasher-Safe Removable Parts 
  • Improved Chopping Assembly and Lid 
  • Stainless Steel Blades – Bi-level stainless-steel blades stay sharp, providing long-lasting performance 

8. Kuhn Rikon Pull Chop Chopper

Kuhn Rikon Pull Chop Chopper/Manual Food Processor with Cord Mechanism, Green, 2-Cup

as of June 27, 2024 7:54 am

The Kuhn Rikon Pull Chopper/Manual Food Processor is ideal for light-duty, small-scale chopping, whereas other food choppers are huge and designed for heavy-duty use. This small device can store up to 2 cups of diced tomato, apple, cucumber, etc., and is controlled by a pull mechanism like a lawnmower’s pull-start. 

The non-skid ring on the bottom of this tiny food processor prevents the cup from sliding while the rotating blades chop finely or coarsely. The bowl and blades are dishwasher-safe for convenience. However, the lid must not be submerged in water or placed in a dishwasher. 

About this item 
  • Save time spent on preparation and chopping – cut a wide variety of foods in seconds with the pull of a cord, which rotates the ultra-sharp, removable stainless-steel blades 
  • Pull the cord approx. 5 times for coarse cuts, approx. 10 times for fine cuts and approx. 15 times to create dips, sauces and more (watch the video to see the Pull Chop in action) 
  • Ideal for fruit, vegetables, garlic, herbs, boiled eggs, breadcrumbs etc – it’s even perfect for nuts 
  • 2-cup capacity container (diameter = 5”; height = 4.5”) stays in place via a non-slip base and the lid allows food to be stored in the fridge for when needed 
  • Container is both microwave and dishwasher safe (wash the lid by hand). A blade protector is included for when not in use (store within the container with the lid on) 

9. Best For High Volume: Electric Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper

Electric Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper, Elechomes High Capacity 8-Cup Blender Grinder for Meat, Onion, Powerful 300W Motor & 4 Detachable Dual Layer Stainless Steel Blades, BPA-Free Glass Bowl

as of June 27, 2024 7:54 am

Large families, dinner hostesses, and individuals who prepare food in volume require a vegetable chopper that reduces kitchen labor. The eight-cup-capacity glass bowl of the electric vegetable chopper from Elechomes can contain the chopped veggies.  

When users press the button, the 300-watt copper motor comes to life and spins the stainless-steel blades. Four detachable S-shaped blades slice food uniformly and precisely. The longer the button is depressed, the more thoroughly the food is combined; in addition to dicing vegetables, this appliance can also mincemeat and purée baby food. 

Perfect locking protects the user’s fingers during use, and the lid prevents food from escaping. Overheating protection and a non-slip rubber ring on the bottom of this chopper are additional features that make it worthwhile to consider. Unlike others, this electric helicopter uses a mute bearing to keep the motor quiet. The bowl and blades are dishwasher-safe, and the machine may be cleaned with a gentle cloth. 

About this item 
  • One-button Control 
  • Overheating Protection 
  • Hidden Safety Lock 
  • Mute Bearing 
  • Spoiler Cutting 
  • 3-layer Thickened Stainless Steel Shell 

10. BEST ALL-IN-ONE: Fullstar 9-in-1 Deluxe Vegetable Chopper

Fullstar 9-in-1 Deluxe Vegetable Chopper Kitchen Gifts | Onion Chopper & Dicer | Peeler, Spiralizer, Zoodle Maker, Lemon Squeezer, Egg Slicer & Seperator- Ultimate Kitchen Gadget

as of June 27, 2024 7:54 am

The vegetable chopper by Fullstar, constructed from BPA-free plastic and stainless-steel blades, is functional and long-lasting. This manual chopper has seven easy-to-replace inserts and a blade organizer to keep all accessories organized. Prepare veggies by chopping them into large or small chunks, ribbons, or spirals. For baking, use the egg separator insert and the egg slicer for salads. There is also an insert for fresh juice, should the necessity arise. 

The lever design of the Fullstar chopper keeps blades away from the user’s fingertips, and the non-slip base prevents any unexpected movement. The integrated vegetable peeler expedites meal preparation. A vast catch tray holds all the chopped ingredients, avoiding a mess on the countertop. The entire vegetable chopper can be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher for quick cleanup. 

About this item 
  • Collecting Container 
  • 2x Dicer Blades – Medium and Fine 
  • 2x Spiralizer Blades – Julienne and Ribbon. 
  • Egg Separator and Egg Slicer 
  • Juicer 
  • Peeler 
  • 2x Cleaning Brushes and a Cleaning Scraper 
  • Blade Lock Button 
  • Blade Storage Organizer Kitchen Gadget 

How We Chose the Best Vegetable Choppers

 This guide was created using years of experience in home care and appliances and intensive product research. Before making our suggestions, we investigated more than 40 possibilities for the best food choppers on the market and examined various pragmatic factors. 

We selected to include food choppers with bowls or cylinders of varied capacity to provide options for a wide variety of customers based on their storage space requirements and preferences. Manual and electric food choppers with desirable additional features such as numerous blades and chopping types, non-skid bottoms, locking systems, dishwasher-safe construction, and other adaptable attachments were also prioritized. These vegetable choppers are also constructed with BPA-free plastic and durable stainless steel. 

Best Vegetable Choppers Reviews - FAQs

A vegetable chopper is a great way to incorporate more nutritious foods into your diet. Before deciding which one to take home, you may have questions about their use and maintenance. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding vegetable choppers to help you better understand them. 

Some electric vegetable choppers include a blending function that can be used to make smoothies. Most vegetable choppers lack this feature. 

Yes. Tomatoes and beets can stain certain plastics. However, this does not impair the performance of the vegetable chopper. 

Completely disassemble the vegetable chopper, rinse away any leftover food, and either place the parts on the top rack of the dishwasher (if they are dishwasher-safe) or wash them by hand. 

Accordion Content

Which Vegetable Cutter Is the Most Effective?

From the powerful and enormous  Black+Decker electric chopper to the tiny and space-saving Mueller Vegetable Chopper, we tested a variety of excellent vegetable choppers. 

However, the Hamilton Beach electric chopper ultimately wowed us the most. 

Whole vegetables can be quickly diced, minced, or pulverized with this compact yet potent instrument. The innovative push-top design permits precise control over the end product’s size without tiring your hand. And it can be easily disassembled for washing in the dishwasher. 

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