Best bread loaf pan for every baker

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Every morning, bread has become an excellent food. It can help you enjoy a delicious breakfast and have a productive day. However, making bread will be difficult if you do not have a suitable bread loaf pan. 

bread loaf pan is a standard kitchen appliance found in every kitchen. It is gaining popularity throughout the world. There are numerous bread loaf pans on the market. Therefore, selecting them may present some challenges. 

Nonetheless, let’s read my review to resolve the issue. I also provide additional information regarding the bread loaf pan. 

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What Is Bread Loaf Pan? 

A bread loaf pan is a pan used for baking bread. It is typically made of metal or ceramic and has a rectangular shape with low sides. The pan helps to create an evenly cooked loaf of bread with a nice crust. 

A bread loaf pan is an essential kitchen tool for any baker. Choosing the right pan for the bread you are baking is necessary. For example, if you are baking a brioche, you will want to use a brioche mold. If you are baking a pain de mie, you will want to use a pain de mie pan. There are many different types of bread loaf pans available on the market, so it is essential to research before purchasing one. 

If you are looking for a bread loaf pan, you can find them at most kitchen stores or online retailers. Be sure to read the reviews before purchasing a pan. This will help you to find the best pan for your needs. 

Why Is a Bread Loaf Pan Necessary? 

There are several advantages to using a bread loaf pan. Bakers and those who enjoy baking and cooking have one in their kitchen. Let’s read the following information to learn more about this kitchen tool. 

Save Money 

A bread loaf pan can be used to bake bread repeatedly or multiple loaves. Therefore, if you own a bread loaf pan, you can save significant money by baking bread rather than purchasing it. 

Better Taste 

You can bake bread in your preferred flavor using a bread loaf pan. Instead of purchasing expensive banana bread, you can make it yourself and add your tastes. Afterward, place the loaves in airtight containers to preserve their flavor and texture. 

Superior nutrition 

Store-bought bread may contain preservatives or unknown substances. However, homemade bread will not have anything harmful to your health. Additionally, less butter and sugar are used when baking bread to aid in weight loss. 

Not Just For Breadmaking 

In addition to bread, a bread loaf pan can be used to bake cheesecake, chocolate cake, cornbread, and meatloaf. Therefore, not only will you save money by purchasing this bakeware, but you will also enjoy many delicious cakes and loaves. 

How To Use A Bread Loaf Pan 

Bread loaf pans come in various sizes, but the most common length is the 9×5-inch loaf pan. These pans are great for baking quick bread, yeast bread, and cakes. Here are a few tips on how to use a bread loaf pan: 

  1. Grease the pan before adding the batter. This will help the bread release quickly and prevent it from sticking to the pan.
  2. Be sure to fill the pan no more than two-thirds full. If you fill it any higher, the bread may overflow while baking.
  3. Bake the bread at the recommended temperature for the recipe. This will ensure that the bread is cooked and not under or overcooked.
  4. Allow the bread to cool in the pan for a few minutes before removing it. This will help it retain its shape and not crumble when you remove it from the pan.
  5. Use a serrated knife to slice the bread, preventing it from squishing. Start at the end of the loaf and work your way towards the center.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to bake perfect bread every time! 

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Bread Loaf Pan 

You should consider a few things when choosing the best bread loaf pan for your needs. Below are some factors to keep in mind when making your decision. 


The pan size you choose will depend on how much bread you want to bake at once. You will need a larger pan if you plan on baking large loaves of bread. Conversely, if you only plan on baking small loaves of bread, you can choose a smaller pan. 


Bread loaf pans are typically made from either metal or glass. Metal pans are typically more durable and heat evenly, while glass pans can be more delicate but often have a non-stick surface. 


Bread loaf pans come in various shapes, including rectangles, squares, and rounds. The form you choose will depend on the bread you plan on baking and your preference. 

Non-Stick Surface 

If you are concerned about the bread sticking to the pan, you may want to choose a pan with a non-stick surface. This will make removing the bread from the pan more accessible and prevent it from sticking. 


Bread loaf pans can range in price from relatively inexpensive to quite expensive. The cost will depend on the material, size, and brand of the pan you choose. 

With so many factors to consider, choosing the best bread loaf pan for your needs can be difficult. However, by keeping the above factors in mind, you can narrow your choices and find the perfect pan for your baking needs. 

10 Best bread loaf pan for every baker

In addition, I list the top 10 best bread loaf pans for you below. Let’s read and make a choice regarding your kitchen. You may require the pertinent details about them. 

1. Best Overall: USA Pan Bakeware Aluminized Steel Loaf Pan

USA Pan Bakeware Aluminized Steel Loaf Pan, 1 Pound, Silver

as of May 13, 2024 12:06 pm

The USA Pan Aluminized Steel Bread Loaf Pan was initially constructed from heavy-gauge aluminized steel to ensure its durability, dependability, and high-performance design for optimal heat distribution and increased airflow. 

The surface’s unique corrugated design promotes air circulation for rapid baking, release, and cooling. Consequently, using this product allows you to enjoy uniform and quick bread. 

The banana bread was baked evenly, with brown edges that were not overcooked. It released quickly from the pan and left minimal marks. The corrugated surface (the ridged lines) is intended to aid in release and airflow, but they did not leave any marks on the loaf. It is straightforward to clean, which is great because it is not dishwasher safe. 

Additionally, the nonstick surface makes removing the bread from the pan easy and quick. This product will help you save a lot of time if you are extremely busy with work. This durable aluminized steel pan has a somewhat industrial appearance. For less than $20, it’s a no-brainer if you want a sturdy, simple loaf pans and doesn’t care about aesthetics. 

Key Features 
  • USA Pan 1-lb commercial gauge loaf pan is ideal for quick breads, yeast breads and your pound cakes will bake to perfection in this versatile loaf pan; pan baking dimensions are 8.5 x 4.5 x 2.75 
  • Unique corrugated surface design strengthens pan and facilitates air circulation for evenly baked goods and quick release 
  • Pans are finished with USA Pan’s proprietary silicone non-stick coating which allows for easy release and quick clean up; PTFE, PFOA and BPA free 
  • Folded construction ensures optimal strength and durability; wash with hot water, mild soap and gentle scrub brush or sponge 
  • USA Pan is a Bundy family company that has proudly manufactured high quality bakeware and provided jobs in the USA for over 50 years 
  • Not only use for baking bread but also for quiches or cakes
  • Easy to clean by hands after using
  • Can be recycled to save time and money
  • Can cool the hot goods quickly to prevent overbaking
  • Bring delicious and beautiful loaves of bread and cakes
  • Must be washed by hand, not use in a dishwasher
  • Maybe warping after using in a year

2. Most Versatile: OXO Good Grips Glass Loaf Pan With Lid

OXO Good Grips Glass Loaf Pan With Lid

as of May 13, 2024 12:06 pm

With over 9,200 reviews, it is evident that the OXO Good Grips Glass Loaf Pan is a popular product. This cookware line is available in various sizes, ranging from 1.6- to 3-quart loaf pans! 

This review focuses on the glass loaf pan with a glass lid measuring 11 by 6 inches. This spacious pan, slightly larger than the standard 9-by-5-inch size, is ideal for cooking various dishes! The classic, uncomplicated design will complement any kitchen decor. 

The OXO glass pan is by far the most versatile product we evaluated. It comes with a lid and is suitable for the oven, freezer, and tabletop, making it ideal for leftovers. 

The pan is more comprehensive than most of those we tested, and our first batch was browned on the outside but undercooked in the center. We retested, and the second batch passed with flying colors.” The benefit of using glass is that you can observe the browning of the edges and ensure they are not overcooked before removing the dish from the oven.” Remember that glass is fragile, and this loaf pan is more expensive if you are short on storage space. 

Key Features 
  • Thermal-shock-resistant borosilicate glass can go from the freezer of fridge to microwave or oven without cracking 
  • Generous handles offer a safe and comfortable grip 
  • Easy-read 6-inch x 10-inch dimension marking 
  • 1.6 Qt Loaf Baking Dish is great for making breads, pound cakes and more 
  • Microwave safe, oven safe, freezer safe, dishwasher safe, BPA free and PVC free 
  • Made of durable borosilicate glass
  • Safe to use in the oven, fridge, or freezer
  • Generous, easy-grip handles
  • Free of BPA and PVC
  • Sturdy, slosh-proof glass lid
  • Need to handle with care to avoid thermal stress
  • Glass lid is more susceptible to breaking when stacked

3. Best Size: Rachael Ray Nonstick Loaf Pan

Rachael Ray Yum-o! Bakeware Oven Lovin’ Nonstick Loaf Pan, 9-Inch by 5-Inch Steel Pan, Gray with Orange Handles

as of May 13, 2024 12:06 pm

The Rachael Ray Nonstick Bread Loaf Pan is constructed of heavy-gauge steel for daily use. This pan is also resistant to warping to ensure its durability and longevity. Therefore, you will have not only a bread loaf pan for baking bread but also a high-quality pan to add to your bakeware collection. 

This bread loaf pan has a nonstick coating, allowing for effortless food release and cleanup when preparing all your favorite loaves. This product can provide you with various flavorful and delicious dishes each morning. 

In addition, this pan is safe for use in dishwashers and ovens up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring quality performance for daily use. Therefore, purchasing this pan will result in delicious breakfasts and aesthetically pleasing dishes. 

This is a good option if nonstick is an essential quality for you in a pan. We appreciated the rubberized handles for easy removal from the oven, which performed admirably as a nonstick pan with the most accessible release of those tested. However, the edges of the banana bread were slightly overcooked. 

There are superior pans on the market, but if you want to be able to clean your pan with minimal effort, this pan will suffice. 

Key Features 
  • Nonstick bread loaf pan: Long-lasting nonstick pan promotes excellent food release and easy cleanup when making banana bread or zucchini bread. 
  • Heat it up: The sturdy loaf pan is made from heavy gauge steel and is conveniently dishwasher safe and oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Easy handling: Colorful grippy 9-inch by 5-inch loaf pan handles offer a confident grasp when pulling breads, meatloaves, cakes or casseroles from the oven. 
  • Product details: Rachael Ray Yum-o. Bakeware Oven Lovin’ Nonstick Loaf Pan, 9-inch by 5-inch, steel construction, gray with orange handles. 
  • Versatile use for many different dishes such as cakes, desserts, or meatloaf.
  • Dishwasher safe and oven-safe
  • Can use in every day so that you can save more money for breakfasts
  • Easy for a grip thanks to colorful silicone handles
  • Lightweight for easy moving
  • Cannot use in a microwave
  • Wash by a dishwasher can reduce its quality

4. Best for Mini Loafs: Wilton Perfect Results Non-Stick Mini Loaf Pan

Wilton Perfect Results Non-Stick Mini Loaf Pan, 8-Cavity, 15.2 IN x 9.5 IN x 1.6, Gray

as of May 13, 2024 12:06 pm

The Wilton Nonstick Mini Bread Loaf Pan is made of steel and features eight molds, allowing you to own a high-quality pan and bake multiple loaves of bread or cakes simultaneously. The versatility of this pan exceeds that of others. 

Its oversized handles and heavy-duty cold-rolled steel construction allow it to be lightweight, cool quickly, and easy to hold. Therefore, it is easily transportable from one location to another. 

In addition, this mini pan has a nonstick coating that makes it easy to remove loaves of bread or cakes from molds and clean them, reducing the time spent cleaning bakeware. 

There is something so entertaining about miniature items. This pan produces the perfect miniature loaves for gifting or transporting. They release effortlessly from their molds, and the pan’s minimal residue is simple to clean. Remember that these bakes significantly faster than a whole loaf (around 30 to 40 minutes). The size is awkward to store because it protrudes more than a cookie sheet, but for $12, you can’t beat it if you like small items. 

Key Features 
  • READY, SET, BAKE: From mini banana bread or zucchini bread loaves to mini pound cakes or even individual crustless quiches, the options are endless with this versatile Wilton mini loaf pan 
  • TOOLS FOR YOUR CREATIVITY: Loaf pan features eight cavities so you can bake up lots of mini loaves for brunch celebrations or for your family to enjoy throughout the week 
  • NON- STICK: Durable premium non-stick coating on our bread pan allows your food to slide or pop out easily, making cleanup almost effortless. Non-stick bakeware sets are a must-have for busy cooks 
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: This Wilton bread pan is dishwasher safe; however, for best results, wash in warm, soapy water before first and after each use 
  • INCLUDES: 1 mini loaf pan that includes 8 cavities; cavity size: 3.28 in. x 2.5 in. Limited 10 year warranty 
  • Multiple mini loaf pan for baking loaves of bread, cakes and more
  • Have a 10-year warranty
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can use many times
  • Can resist warp
  • May be too small for some bakers
  • Nonstick coating may not hold up past a year if you wash it by a dishwasher

5. Best Oversize: Fat Daddio's Anodized Aluminum Bread Pan

Fat Daddio’s Anodized Aluminum Bread Pan, 4.875 x 2.75 x 2 Inch

as of May 13, 2024 12:06 pm

The Aluminum Bread Loaf Pan from Fat Daddio is an excellent piece of bakeware for your kitchen. It is made of anodized aluminum, making it safer and more durable. This pan’s design enables you to consume large loaves of bread. 

Its non-reactive finish enables you to bake a wide range of recipes, reach baking temperature faster for the optimal rise, and cool quickly to prevent overbaking. With this pan, making loaves of bread does not require much time. 

Even though this pan lacks a nonstick coating, it is still very healthy. This pan can be used in a cold environment, such as a freezer, allowing you to bake goods and make ice cream. 

Key Features 
  • IDEAL FOR ANY RECIPE – Designed for creating the perfectly baked loaf whether you are baking quick bread or a traditional bread loaf. 
  • FITS PERFECTLY – Fits 3, 6 & 8-quart pressure cookers and 3.4, 4, 5.3 & 10-quart air fryers. Measures 5″ x 2.75″ x 2″ (12.7 x 7 x 5.1 cm), overall, 5.5″ x 3.25″ x 2″ (14 x 8.3 x 5.1 cm). 
  • 18-GAUGE ANODIZED ALUMINUM – Easy release and clean up. Safe for citrus-based foods unlike traditional bakeware. Will never rust, peel or flake. No extra metals, chemical additives, dyes, PTFE’s or PFOA’s. Hand wash recommended. 
  • HEATS & COOLS QUICKER – Prevents over-baking and dry cakes. Heats evenly with no hot spots. Temperature-rated up to 550° F (285° C). Pressure cooker, air fryer and freezer safe. 
  • BUILT BAKERY TOUGH – Built to last through daily use in both the home kitchen and commercial establishments. 
  • Can use in both hot and cold temperature environment
  • Can use to make many different dishes
  • Save time when using
  • No worry about transferring peel, flake or rust into your baking
  • An eco-friendly bakeware
  • Do not have a nonstick coating
  • Do not use in a microwave

6. Best Value: Chicago Metallic Commercial II Traditional Uncoated 1-Pound Loaf Pan

Chicago Metallic Commercial II Traditional Uncoated 1-Pound Loaf Pan –

as of May 13, 2024 12:06 pm

We recommend the Chicago Metallic Commercial II based on expert recommendations and user testing if you’re in the market for a professional-grade metal loaf pan. This loaf pan is the ideal size for baking babka, banana bread, or a sourdough loaf suitable for sandwiches. This pan is made of aluminized steel and has a reinforced rim and folded corners to prevent warping, which can occur with lighter pans. 

There is not a single flaw in this pan, and the price makes it an absolute steal. However, we did not enjoy it as much as the USA Pan loaf pan, its closest comparable. It is constructed from a similar material, minus the corrugated surface for airflow and easy release and the silicone coating. This produced a delicious loaf, but it is a reasonably standard loaf pan. If that is what you seek, it will serve you well. 

Both banana bread and vanilla pound cake were cooked and browned uniformly during testing. Since the loaf pan is made of steel, it required a substantial amount of baking spray on the bottom and sides, but once greased, both cakes slid out of the pan without difficulty. Due to the absence of handles, the pan was challenging to place in and remove from the oven. It was difficult to grasp, even with bulky oven mitts, and it was difficult to invert the pan to remove the cake until it had cooled completely. 

Key Features 
  • Made from heavy-weight aluminized steel for superior heat conduction and even baking 
  • Traditional, uncoated baking surface 
  • Features folded corners and a wire rod reinforced rim to prevent warping 
  • 1-pound loaf pan; measures 8.5-inch by 4.5-inch by 2.75-inch 
  • Dishwasher safe, however hand-washing is recommended to extend product life 
  • Even browning
  • Professional grade
  • Heavy-duty design prevents warping
  • May stick if not greased or lined

7. Best Budget: SILIVO Bread Loaf Pan

Silicone Bread and Loaf Pan – SILIVO Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mold for Homemade Cake, Bread, Meatloaf and Quiche – 8.9×3.7×2.5 inch

as of May 13, 2024 12:06 pm

To ensure your health, the SILIVO Silicone Bread Loaf Pan is made from high-quality, eco-friendly, 100% pure food-grade silicone. Due to its superior construction, they can be utilized in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 220 degrees Celsius. 

 In addition, the silicone nonstick coating makes it easy and quick to remove baked goods and desserts, allowing you to enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner in a short amount of time. To save time, you can use this product not only in the oven or refrigerator but also in the microwave or dishwasher. This loaf pan is used for more than just baking bread. It can be used to prepare numerous delectable dishes. 

As a result of the silicone’s flexibility, this pan is straightforward to clean (and dishwasher safe!). Additionally, it has a super simple release. Unfortunately, the pan lost its shape while cooking due to its flexibility. Although it did cook thoroughly, the batter caused the pan to bulge in the middle, resulting in a loaf with an odd shape (albeit delicious). However, it is elementary to store due to its malleability. 

Key Features 
  • NONSTICK PAN: The flexible silicone and non-stick finish allow for easy and quick release of baked goods and desserts. 
  • SIZE: 8.9×3.7×2.5 inch silicone bread pan perfect for breads, loaves, cakes, brownies, rice crispy treats, fruit loop squares, cobbler cakes, Pizza, Lasagna, fruit cakes and more. 
  • MATERIAL: The silicone loaf pan constructed of high-quality Eco-friendly 100% pure food grade silicone, conforms to the American quality. 
  • EFFICIENT LIFE: Dishwasher safe, easy to clean. 
  • Operating temperature:-20℉~450℉(-30℃~230℃).Microwave and oven safe. 
  • Perfect for making not only bread, but also cheesecakes, quiches, chocolates, candies, tarts, butter, caramels, and ice creams
  • Easy to remove
  • Easy to clean by hands or a dishwasher
  • Save time when using
  • Affordable price
  • Do not shape the baked goods
  • May be narrow and small for some users

8. Best Aluminum: USA Pan Pullman Bread Loaf Pan

USA Pan Bakeware Pullman Loaf Pan, Large, Silver

as of May 13, 2024 12:06 pm

The USA Pan Pull Man Bread Loaf Pan is constructed from heavy-gauge aluminized steel to ensure its durability, dependability, and high-performance design for optimal heat distribution and enhanced airflow. 

This is one of USA Pan’s best bread loaf pans due to its unique fluted design, enhancing nonstick properties and adding extra strength for warp resistance. Consequently, many individuals enjoy baking with this remarkable pan. That’s how fantastic it is. 

In addition, the Americoat plus silicone nonstick surface makes removing baked goods from pans simple and safeguards both pans and baked goods. This product will save a great deal of time if you are extremely time-crunched at work. 

Key Features 
  • Large Pullman loaf pan bakes beautiful bread; commercial grade and heavy gauge aluminized steel with a Limited Lifetime 
  • USA Pan baking pans feature Americoat which promotes quick release of baked-goods plus fast and easy clean up; wash with hot water, mild soap and gentle scrub brush or sponge 
  • Nonstick Americoat coating – a patented silicone coating which is PTFE, PFOA and BPA free – provides quick and easy release of all baked-goods and minimal easy clean up 
  • Made in the USA from globally sourced materials; Pan measures 13 x 4 x 4 inches; does not include lid 
  • USA Pan is a Bundy family company which has proudly manufactured high quality bakeware and provided jobs in the USA for over 50 years 
  • Perfect for many delicious dishes
  • Can save more time because of its heat distribution and increase airflow
  • Nonstick coating for protection of pans
  • Easy to clean by hands
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Cannot be washed by a dishwasher
  • Can be warping when putting in high temperature for too long

9. Best Nonstick: AmazonBasics Nonstick Bread Loaf Pan

Amazon Basics Nonstick Baking Bread Loaf Pan, 9.5 x 5 Inch, Set of 2

as of May 13, 2024 12:06 pm

The AmazonBasics Nonstick Bread Loaf Pan is comprised of two carbon steel pans. Each of the two pans has a rectangular shape and a deep wall for shaping and baking bread loaves of a substantial size. 

The pans are resistant to warping and distribute heat evenly throughout the baking process, resulting in beautifully browned food. And there are no hot spots that could cause baked goods to burn. With these bread loaf pans, you’ll be able to bake many delicious and attractive loaves. 

The nonstick coating on these pans ensures effortless food release. These two pans can provide durability and rapid heating for uniform browning, allowing you to bake various delicious cakes and loaves. 

Key Features 
  • Set of 2 rectangular-shaped loaf pans—ideal for baking bread, pound cake, meatloaf, and more 
  • Heavy-weight steel construction provides durability and fast, even heating for uniform browning 
  • Nonstick coating helps with effortless food release; oven-safe to 500 degrees F 
  • Hand washing recommended; part of the Amazon Basics nonstick bakeware collection 
  • Each measures 9.25 by 5 inches 
  • Easy to release food and clean
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Bring not only big bread but also small lasagna, casseroles, or meatloaf
  • Affordable price
  • Cannot use in a dishwasher
  • Shorter warranty than others

10. Best for Banana Bread: Wilton Recipe Right Non-Stick Long Bread Loaf Pan

Amazon Basics Nonstick Baking Bread Loaf Pan, 9.5 x 5 Inch, Set of 2

as of May 13, 2024 12:06 pm

You will add the Wilton Nonstick Aluminum Bread Loaf Pan to your bakeware collection. It is made of heavy-duty aluminum to ensure durability and daily use, allowing you to bake loaves of bread for a long time. 

The durable nonstick coating is scratch-resistant, allowing you to easily slide or pop the food out and clean the pan quickly. After using or eating in the kitchen, little time is required for its cleanup. 

This set of two pans allows you to bake multiple loaves of bread simultaneously. Therefore, if you own this set, you and your family or a friend can enjoy an energizing breakfast before beginning a long workday. 

As I’ve already mentioned, this set is ideal for making banana bread, making it a fantastic option for those who enjoy sweet and delicious banana treats. Today, fill your home with the irresistible aroma of banana bread and mouth-watering butter! 

Key Features 
  • Made From Heavy-duty Aluminum 
  • Durable Nonstick Coating 
  • A Set Of Two Pans 
  • Bake more goods in once use
  • Save money for everyday use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • No need to use butter or oil
  • Perfect for making banana bread
  • Maybe too narrow for some users
  • Do not maintain nonstick for long

How To Clean A Bread Loaf Pan

If you’ve ever made a loaf of bread, you know that one of the most annoying things is trying to clean the bread loaf pan afterward. It seems like no matter how much you scrub; some dough gets stuck to the bottom and sides of the pan. 

Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to ensure your bread loaf pan is always clean and ready for the next batch of bread. 

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you oil the pan before you add the dough. This will help to create a barrier between the pan and the dough, and it will also help to keep the dough from sticking. 

Once you’ve oiled the pan, you can add your dough. Make sure you evenly distribute the dough, so it’s not too thick in any spot. 

If you find that the dough is still sticking to the pan after you’ve baked it, you can try using a little non-stick cooking spray. Just be sure to spray the pan before you add the dough, and not after. 

You can also try using a little bit of flour. Again, make sure that you add the flour before you add the dough so that it can stick to the pan’s sides. 

Once you’ve tried all these tips, you should find that your bread loaf pan is much easier to clean. And that your bread comes out perfectly every time! 

Best bread loaf pans for every baker – FAQs

Still, most yeast bread recipes call for either 9″ x 5″ or 8 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ loaf pans. Both pan sizes are typically 2 1/2 inches tall. 

Never include the pan’s thickness when determining the pan’s dimensions; instead, measure from inside edge to inside edge, ignoring the pan’s thickness. To calculate the depth, place your ruler vertically from the pan’s base (do not slant the ruler). 

I baked the same carrot-walnut cake recipe in two ceramic-coated loaf pans and one traditional nonstick loaf pan, let them cool, and then attempted to remove the cakes from the pans without a knife. 

A bread pan, also known as a loaf pan, is a kitchen appliance in the shape of a container for baking bread. Its purpose is to form bread as it rises during baking. The most common bread pan shape is a loaf or narrow rectangle, which allows for uniform slicing and is, therefore, the most popular. 

The two most common bread pan sizes are 9 by 5 inches and 8×12 by 4×12 inches. Typically, both measures are 212 inches tall. 

Most sandwich bread recipes call for 9″x5″ loaf pans, approximately one pound of dough per pan, and let the dough rise until it reaches the pan’s rim. I use a smaller pan, put in much more dough, and allow it to rise above the pan’s edge before baking. 

This depends on the exact dimensions of your pans. We recommend baking one test loaf and reducing the oven temperature by 25 degrees from the recipe’s suggested temperature. Then, we would bake for approximately 25 minutes, checking every five minutes with a toothpick. 

Depending on the recipe, yeast bread can be baked using the following methods: Metal loaf pans. Glass loaves, and other glass casseroles or baking dishes. Baking trays and jelly-roll pans. 


Looking for the perfect bread loaf pan can be challenging, but we’ve made it easy. Check out our top picks for every baker’s best bread loaf pans. 

We recommend the USA Pan Loaf Pan if you’re a beginner baker. It’s affordable and will help you get perfect results every time. 

For the more experienced baker, we recommend the Chicago Metallic Professional Loaf Pan. It’s non-stick and releases bread easily, so you’ll get beautiful loaves every time. 

If you’re looking for a rustic loaf, go for the Emile Henry Ruffled Loaf Pan. It’s made of ceramic, so your bread will come out with a crispy crust. 

No matter your baking style, there’s a bread loaf pan perfect for you. So, get baking! 

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