Best cast iron pizza pan for every budget

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Who does not love homemade pizza? You can customize your pizza with your favorite toppings while minimal baking effort is required. Choosing the proper pan is the key to creating the best pizza at home. Numerous professional chefs advise cooking pizza on a unique stone to achieve a characteristically crisp crust. In comparison to a pizza stone, it turns out that a cast iron pan yields more accurate results. You can rely on a cast iron pizza pan to evenly cook homemade pizza and maximize flavor release. 

The weighty design of a cast iron pan makes it ideal for cooking pizza. It enhances the flavor intensity of your toppings while removing moisture efficiently for optimal crispiness. A cast-iron pan will require more maintenance than cheaper options such as stainless steel or aluminum, but many pizza chefs agree that the extra effort is well worth it. The best pizza pan made from cast iron is available for purchase. 

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Last updated on May 8, 2024 10:37 am

Why You Need a Cast Iron Pizza Pan 

Each home cook has their own opinion regarding the ideal pizza pan. Pizza pans made of cast iron, baking steel, and baking stones are the primary contenders in the debate. We are a little biased, but we believe cast iron is superior to other materials. Learn why we love using a pizza pan made of cast iron to bake or grill pizza. 


Cast iron is robust and resilient enough to withstand elevated temperatures without cracking or warping. We prefer it over baking stones, which are more fragile and susceptible to thermal shock or breaking. You can use a pizza pan made of cast iron in the oven or fire up the grill to make pizza night outdoors. 


Preheating your pizza pan is the key to achieving the same delicious, crispy crust as your neighborhood pizzeria. Cast iron has excellent heat retention for even cooking and heats up quickly. A pizza pan made of cast iron will remain hot as you transfer the dough and prepare the pizza. 


After preheating a cast iron pizza pan, the pizza must be transferred to the hot pan. Some people prepare their pizza by completely removing the pan from the oven, while others move the dough using a pizza peel or cutting board. When dealing with hot pans, they must be easy to transfer into and out of the oven. Therefore, the dual handles on the Lodge pizza pan are crucial. The handles also make it easy to transport the pizza to the table, where it can be served directly from the pan and kept warm throughout the meal. 


Naturally seasoned with a layer of carbonized oil, the Lodge pizza pan has a cooking surface that is easy to release. With a dusting of cornmeal or semolina flour, your pizza will quickly disengage from the baking sheet when removed from the oven. Therefore, we prefer a cast iron pizza pan over a baking steel pan, which typically requires pre-seasoning. 


Cleanup is simple as the pizza will easily slide off the cast iron pan. Hand-wash the pan, dry it with a lint-free cloth or paper towel and apply a thin layer of cooking oil to its surface. If you would like to learn more about our three-step cleaning method, we have an article explaining how to care for cast iron. With this simple cleaning, the cast-iron pizza pan will be ready for pizza night for generations to come. 

7 Best cast iron pizza pan for every budget

1. Best Overall - Legend Cast Iron Pizza Pan

Legend Cast Iron Pizza Pan | 14” Steel Pizza Cooker with Easy Grip Handles | Deep Stone for Oven or Griddle for Gas, Induction, Sauteing, Grilling | Lightly Pre-Seasoned Cookware Gets Better with Use

as of May 8, 2024 10:37 am

Legend cast iron pizza pan combines a rich history with contemporary cooking requirements. This healthy nonstick pizza pan is THE expert in heat distribution, as it is crafted from Legend cast iron, which is renowned for its long-lasting durability and versatility. 

It is a 14-inch round pizza maker with large, heavy-duty side handles and deeper walls to accommodate everything from New York thin to Detroit deep dishes. Also ideal for fajitas, quesadillas, eggs, omelets, bacon, pancakes, steaks, and more as a griddle. 

More cooking improves their performance. Your Legend skillets come pre-seasoned with 100 percent vegetable oil (no synthetics or chemicals). As you develop your seasoning, you create pans worth being passed down. 

We keep this on the burner 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and use it for pizza and girdling bacon, etc. It heats up nicely and uniformly. Follow the instructions on properly seasoning it before use not to become overly greasy.  

I believe that made a significant difference. Additionally, it is straightforward to clean in situations where other pans would fail. Even though it’s not non-stick, it never needs to be soaked as burned-on food slides off. I suppose this is a sign of a quality cast iron piece. 

Key Features 
  • Lifelong durability and workhorse versatility 
  • Larger, tilted handles for easy lifting 
  • Improves with every use 
  • Easy to clean up 

2. Easy-Release - Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Pizza Pan

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Baking Pan with Loop Handles, 14″, Black

as of May 8, 2024 10:37 am

Lodge cookware is the only complete line of American-made cast iron cookware, and its quality has been unmatched for more than a century. Their superior cookware is distinguished by its even heating, natural, easy-release coating, adaptability, and durability. Not only do we produce cast iron, but also heirlooms that bring generations of people together. 

The Lodge 14-Inch Cast Iron Baking Pan is ideal for homemade pizza, baked goods, and roasted vegetables due to its spacious cooking surface and great handles. It offers superior heat distribution and retention for consistent, even cooking, and the side loop handles provide a safe, secure grip.  

It provides an abundance of opportunities. Use for searing, baking, braising, frying, or grilling. This baking dish is safe in the oven, stovetop, grill, and campfire. The Lodge Cast Iron Baking Pan is constructed to last for decades and comes pre-seasoned for a non-stick surface that improves with use. 

Do you frequently yearn for those crisp Dosas? Here is what you need to obtain restaurant-quality Dosas. The heavy gauge retains and distributes heat efficiently, producing the ideal Dosa consistency. I have tried numerous skillets, but none compared to this one. I must admit that seasoning this skillet took a great deal of effort. However, it was all worthwhile. 

I repeated the seasoning process a few times, and it is now wholly non-stick. Wipe with a damp cloth, apply a small amount of oil, and polish with kitchen paper, and it will be new. In this age of five-minute half-lives, it is great to find such high-quality kitchenware. This will outlast my children and me! 

Key Features 
  • One Lodge Pre-Seasoned 14 Inch Cast Iron Baking Pan 
  • Large handles for better control 
  • Unparalleled heat retention and even heating 
  • Pre-seasoned with 100% natural vegetable oil 
  • Use to sear, bake, broil, fry, or grill 
  • Use in the oven, on the stove, on the grill, or over a campfire 
  • Great for induction cooktops 

3. Best Pre-Seasoned - Victoria Cast Iron Pizza Crepe Pan

Victoria Cast Iron Pizza Crepe Pan, Dosa, Roti Tawa, Budare, 15 Inch, Black

as of May 8, 2024 10:37 am

Chefs and professional testers have praised Victoria cast iron flat pans for their excellent flaxseed seasoning right out of the box! On the packaging and their website, you will find a wealth of advice for preserving and enhancing herbs. It can be used for baking, grilling, and barbecuing.  

The Victoria cast iron Dosa pan is compatible with various cooking surfaces, including induction, ceramic, campfire, grill, and oven. Their cast-iron pans are so beautiful that you will enjoy transferring them directly from the range to the table. 

No more pizza stones! Use it to make delicious Pizza or Cookies, to fry Eggs or Bacon, Pancakes, Dosa, Roti, and Chapati, and broil, roast, and grill vegetables and meats. You will enjoy serving it directly from the oven because it retains heat for more than 15 minutes! You can use it to help with small snacks that will look exquisite. 

The pan is available in two sizes, 12- and 15-inches, to accommodate a variety of preferences. It features a single loop handle that provides a good grip. Due to being pre-seasoned with high-quality flaxseed oil, you can immediately begin cooking a delicious pizza. The pizza pan is perfectly flat, making it suitable for transporting directly from the oven to the table. This degree of flatness can also be advantageous for campfire cooking. 

It is an iron skillet without sides. Cast iron provides EXTREMELY effective heat distribution, and when food is added, it maintains the necessary heat for optimal results. Different metals have advantages and disadvantages, so do your research. This is designed for high heat, consistent, and even temperature distribution. Cooking involves not only “recipe” but also “process.” 

I already own a pizza pan made of cast iron by another well-known brand, and it cooks excellent pizza. However, its raised rim makes it challenging to slide pizza onto and off the pan. This one has a larger, completely flat surface area for pizza maneuverability. The handle also makes it simple to carry when necessary. It is expensive, but I have not found anything comparable. Making pizza or other flatbreads is worthwhile at least once per week is worthwhile. 

Key Features 
  • Beautiful design 
  • Loop handle was designed for better leverage and easier handling 
  • 100% non-GMO flaxseed oil for a natural easy-release seasoning 
  • Unique Piece 
  • Excellent Performance 
  • Lifetime Warranty 

4. Best Multi-Purpose - Home-Complete Cast Iron Pizza Pan

Home-Complete Cast Iron Pizza Pan-14” Skillet for Cooking, Baking, Grilling-Durable, Long Lasting, Even-Heating and Versatile Kitchen Cookware

as of May 8, 2024 10:37 am

If you enjoy baking homemade pizza from scratch in your kitchen, Home-Complete’s Cast Iron Pizza Pan is an absolute must-have! The 14-inch skillet is ideal for cooking pizza, eggs, bacon, cornbread, biscuits, pancakes, crepes, fajitas, hamburgers, etc.  

This versatile skillet can be used in the oven, on the stovetop, on the grill, and even over a campfire flame, making it an indispensable piece of kitchenware. This pan is made from sturdy and long-lasting cast iron, so it can withstand rough use and last for many years!  

It can be utilized for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! The 14-inch skillet is versatile, ideal for cooking pizza, eggs, bacon, cornbread, biscuits, pancakes, crepes, fajitas, burgers, and more.  

It is a traditional cast iron pan with a practical shape and size. The finish is slightly rougher than the Lodge brand, but not significantly. As if cooking on stone produces a superior pizza with a perfect crust. It is cast iron, so you will either receive cast iron or not.  

If you enjoy cooking, know what you’re doing, and don’t want to use inferior metals treated with toxic chemicals, you should use stainless steel. The cast iron is yours. Any pan you purchase will easily outlive you, your children, and grandchildren. Try it with a different composition pan. You may utilize any cooking implement.  

Even if the meal is burned, cleanup is always quick and straightforward if the pan is seasoned correctly. Like Teflon minus the toxins. If you have cast iron, buy a scrubber made of stainless steel. Soak the pan for a few minutes to soften any crusts that have become burned.  

Then scrub and rinse everything with no soap required, place on the stove over low heat to dry, and wipe with an oil-saturated paper towel. That is all. True, cast iron is heavy. However, it is lighter than ceramic cookware, less fragile, and simpler to clean. 

Key Features 
  • Constructed from sturdy and durable cast iron 
  • Multi-use 
  • Versatile 
  • Easy to clean 

5. Camp Chef Cast Iron Pizza Pan

Cast Iron Pizza Pan

as of May 8, 2024 10:37 am

The Camp Chef cast iron pan is ideal for preparing delicious pizza at home. This model is distinguished by its high-quality seasoned finish and convenient handles. Decorative accents round out this pan’s aesthetic appeal. The tool’s 14-inch diameter makes it ideal for baking a standard pizza and pancakes or cookies. 

As this is a cast iron pan, you can anticipate a substantial weight. It weighs seven pounds and must be seasoned after each use to maintain a good coating on the cast iron surface. An adequately seasoned homemade pizza is evenly cooked when the proper seasoning procedure is applied. You need not worry about sticking issues. The Camp Chef cast iron pizza pan is highly recommended due to its versatility and durability. 

It functions flawlessly and is not warped or cracked. It is weighty. Over the years, it has acquired numerous pizza-cooking tools. The final purchase was a pizza stone and peel. There is no need to wait an hour for the stone to heat, transfer the pizza to the stone, or take additional steps. 

The only requirement following the preparation of the dough is to use this pan. I place a small amount of oil in the pan, spread it out, then place the dough on top and flatten it to create a small lip for the sauce. Add the sauce and topping of your choice, then bake. My typical completion time is fifteen and twenty minutes (nice crust). Please remove it from the oven with care (using oven mitts), then slice it on the baking sheet. 

Those unfamiliar with cast iron should clean and season the pan according to the instructions. This is less cumbersome. Keep in mind that it is cast iron and will continue to cook after being removed from the oven; do not place it directly on the countertop. 

Key Features 
  • True Seasoned Finished cast iron 
  • Decorative molded cast iron handles 
  • Also perfect for rolls, pancakes, cookies, and flat top grilling on your outdoor BBQ 

6. NutriChef Cast Iron Pizza Pan

NutriChef 14″ Cast Iron Baking Pan Steel Pizza W/Easy Grip Gas, Electric, Glass, Induction Cooker, Oven, & Grill/Campfire-2 Silicone Handles, avarage, Black

as of May 8, 2024 10:37 am

NutriChef’s 14-inch pizza pan made of cast iron is another worthy addition to our list. This pizza pan is suitable for all kitchens and can also be used to prepare meals while camping. It is equipped with large handles that facilitate a secure grip. The package includes silicone handles to protect your hands from the pan’s intense heat retention. 

The surface of the griddle is exceptionally smooth to the touch. It has been optimized for uniformly cooking various foods, including pizza. You can make a reasonably thick pizza with the pan’s semi-deep edge if you prefer a softer dough style. This cast iron pizza pan performs as expected with gas, electric, and oven heat sources if the temperature does not exceed 500 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This is the optimal pizza size. Also excellent for grilling vegetables and searing meats. If you want to make a delicious pizza crust, you should use a pan. The meats are seared and then finished in the oven or grill. 

The quality of this cast iron is exceptional. There are detailed instructions on how to season and maintain it. It has even heat distribution for a crisp exterior. Also suitable for our induction cooktop. 

Key Features 
  • Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Flat Pan 
  • Durable and Versatile Non-Stick Pan 
  • Great for pizza, Beef 
  • Quality Cast Iron Material 
  • Heavy-Duty Side Handles and Deeper Walls 
  • Easy Grip & Curving Handles 
  • Extended Finger Space 
  • Smooth Griddle Surface 

7. Best Deep Dish - LloydPans Chicago Style Deep Dish Stacking Pizza Pans

LloydPans Chicago Style Deep Dish Stacking Pizza Pans, Pre-Seasoned Tuff Kote (1, 14 X 2.25 inch)

as of May 8, 2024 10:37 am

You do not need to travel to Chicago to enjoy its signature pleasures. Meet Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pan, the ideal tool for recreating the incredible pizzas for which Chicago is famous. Chicago-style pizzas are known for their deep, buttery crusts layered with toppings to create a distinctively thick appearance. 

Before acquiring this pan, I made deep-dish pizza using standard round cake pans. They functioned, but I needed something to make a large pizza. This pan has been fantastic: it is non-stick, but crusts stick to it enough to press the dough into shape and up the sides for thin, crispy walls, and it releases easily. Pizzas also seem to cook more rapidly in it. 

It does produce a large pizza, and it can be challenging to transfer a pizza of this size from a deeper pan to a cutting board. But overall, I am glad I purchased the larger pan! Lloyd Pans never disappoints. 

I particularly appreciate the stack ability and vertical sides. The best aspect of the pan is that it is 2 and 1/4 inches tall. Therefore, it is suitable for even the thickest pan and Sicilian pizzas. 

It has this non-wearing surface that allows for effortless release. And nothing adheres. When pizza is baked, it separates from the sides and does not stick. It does an excellent job of browning the entire pizza crust surface. 

The only minor disadvantage is that it is more expensive than foreign-made alternatives. However, the product is made by Americans in the United States. I am willing to pay extra for that. 

Wipe it clean with a paper towel. I use mine for baking pizza at 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and the pan does not warp. 

Key Features 
  • Pre-Seasoned 
  • Anodized Aluminum 
  • Stick Resistant 
  • Utensil Safe 
  • Made in the USA 

Best cast iron pizza pan for every budget - FAQs

In addition to the guidelines for selecting the best cast iron pizza pan, I also include my concise responses to frequently asked questions. This section may also help you resolve your problems. 

An enameled cast-iron pan is a standard cast iron pan with an enamel coating. The enamel coating on the surface of cast iron cookware serves as a protective coating. 

Cast iron has excellent heat retention for even cooking and heats up quickly. A pizza pan made of cast iron will remain hot as you transfer the dough and prepare the pizza. 

It is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil to be ready to use upon arrival, and the cast iron will continue to develop its seasoned qualities as it is used. It is easier to clean than stone because sticky substances and olive oil cannot penetrate and can be removed with steel chain mail, salt, and a brush. 

As it turns out, the answers to all three questions are affirmative. A cast-iron skillet and a broiler are the simple secret to making a light, airy, moist, chewy, crisp, and lightly charred pizza without a costly wood-fired oven or a potentially costly experiment with your oven’s safety lock. 

Our skillet pizza is cooked on the stovetop in a cast-iron pan, but you can also use a cast iron pan in the oven to create a crispy pizza crust. As with the baking sheet, a large cast-iron skillet that has been preheated upside down can approximate the performance of a pizza stone in the oven. 

For this recipe to succeed, you must preheat your cast iron pan. I recommend preheating the pan for 20 to 25 minutes at 500 degrees Fahrenheit before adding the dough. This will increase the oven temperature, resulting in faster and crispier pizza cooking. 

Using a large cast-iron pan and half a cup of oil (olive, canola, or avocado is preferred), you can cook frozen pizza by placing the pizza on the pan and cooking it over low to medium heat. Cover the pizza and cook it for 15 to 20 minutes. 

Five foods that should never be prepared in a cast-iron skillet 

  • Tomatoes. 
  • All other foods are high in acidity. 
  • Eggs 
  • Fragile Fish 
  • Sticky Desserts (Except if your pan is highly well-seasoned) 

Due to their legendary durability, these pots and pans are frequently passed down through generations. With proper reasoning care, years of frequent use can improve the pan’s “seasoning” — its natural nonstick coating — if the “seasoning” is properly maintained. Nevertheless, cast iron skillets can break. 

Yes, butter can be used to cook in a cast-iron skillet or Dutch oven. Remember that butter burns at temperatures above 350°F (177°C), so avoid using high heat when frying with butter. Reduce the heat or replace the oil with one that has a higher smoke point. 


Cast iron is known for cooking quickly and evenly, making it ideal for pizzas. Its nonstick surface makes it easy to flip and bake pizzas, and its easy-to-read markings simplify figuring out what’s going on. In addition, its weight and durability make it an excellent option for even More Serious Pizza recipes! 

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