Ginger Shot Advantages: How Ginger Juice Can Change Your Life

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Wondering what the benefits of a ginger shot are? You are in the correct location. 

Whenever I feel a cold coming on or need a pick-me-up, I always have a ginger shot. But the best portion? 

Ginger shots have far too many health benefits for their diminutive size and delectable flavor. 

Although they are not the easiest to consume and my ginger shot face is even less flattering than my tequila shot-to-face, I could not live without them. Because beginning the day with a wellness shot is simply starting the day right, whether it’s a ginger and lemon shot or any other ginger shot recipe, a juice shot can set you up for success. 

How Ginger Juice Can Change Your Life

So, let’s delve into the benefits of ginger shots! 

1. Ginger Wakes You Up 

I love it in the winter, but a ginger shot is good any time of year; the warmth that runs through you in the morning after drinking one is incredible. 

In addition, you receive the spicy, satisfying flavor of ginger, which kicks you in the buttocks and energizes you for the day. 

I get a bit of an upset stomach when I drink coffee first thing in the morning, so this is my secret weapon for waking up. 

2. Kick Start Your Digestion 

Fresh ginger root juice is excellent to consume first thing in the morning because it stimulates digestion and raises the metabolic rate. It accomplishes this by increasing stomach acid production and facilitating food digestion. 

And even though increased stomach acid may not sound appealing, low levels of it can cause a great deal of discomfort. Specifically, it can cause heartburn and bloat after eating, and stomach acid aids in the digestion of vitamins and minerals. 

So, not only does a ginger shot increase your metabolism, but it can also alleviate various stomach ailments. 


3. Aids Weight Loss 

Do you know the second benefit of increasing your metabolism? Indeed, it helps you burn more calories and shed pounds. 

And if your stomach acid levels are higher and you are better digesting your food, you will feel fuller and more satisfied after a meal, which can reduce your desire for between-meal snacks. 

Plus, ginger shots contain very few calories, to begin with, so it’s a win-win situation! 

4. Protects Against The Common Cold 

If you add lemon juice to your ginger juice shot, it will have double the cold-fighting power, helping to soothe sore throats and combat the rhinovirus, which is the primary cause of colds. 

If you feel a cold coming on, take a ginger shot before bed and in the morning to keep the worst symptoms at bay. 

5. Increased blood flow 

Ginger can increase circulation as effectively as aspirin, preventing blood clots and stroke, which is fantastic. It will give you more control over your blood pressure and, combined with a healthy lifestyle, can help prevent heart disease. 

But if your doctor has prescribed a blood thinner, please do not throw them away! Always heed your doctor’s advice! 

Just enjoy a shot of ginger as well. 

6. Natural Anti-inflammatory 

In the same vein, ginger possesses many anti-inflammatory properties! If your doctor gives the go-ahead, it won’t hurt to take ibuprofen alongside it. 

It is a great post-workout beverage due to its anti-inflammatory and increased circulation properties, which result in increased blood flow and faster muscle recovery, allowing you to return to the gym faster than ever. 

7. Natural Antioxidant 

Ginger has some of the highest antioxidant levels of all fruits and vegetables so a ginger shot will boost you significantly. 

Antioxidants help with various bodily functions, but their most important function is to combat free radicals, which are rogue molecules that attempt to alter your body’s cells. 

This can lead to various health issues, including premature skin aging, hair damage, and even cancerous cells and DNA mutations! 

8. Regulates Blood Sugar 

Ginger can help manage sugar levels without insulin, which is fantastic news for those with type 2 diabetes (again, please do not discard your insulin). 

Regular ginger consumption resulted in more stable and balanced blood sugar levels in long-term patients; cue the ginger shot to take center stage; it’s the drink that keeps giving! 

Contraindications for Ginger Shots and Ginger Juice 

Nothing is ever as perfect as I’d like it to be, and ginger shots are no exception; taking them regularly may have some side effects, but it’s best to listen to your body if it’s unhappy and consult a doctor if you have concerns or unusual symptoms. 

Stomach Upset 

While ginger can significantly aid your stomach and make you feel more at ease, some people cannot handle its spicy flavor, which can cause an upset stomach. 

Ginger juice can cause diarrhea and general discomfort in the stomach, as well as bloating and a general feeling of unease. If this occurs, you should cease taking the medication immediately. 

When Is The Best Time To Drink A Ginger Shot 

Eating first thing in the morning provides the most significant benefits, as it is the best time to get your digestion going and a great way to feel refreshed and alert. 

However, I would not consume more than one ginger shot per day unless there was a specific reason. 

What I would not do is take a ginger shot right before bed, as the spicy flavor in my mouth and stomach would keep me awake as I attempted to fall asleep. If it works for you, that’s great, but I wouldn’t consume anything before bed besides water. 

How To Make Ginger Shots at Home 

Making ginger shots at home is always preferable, and the simplest way to do so is by purchasing a juicer. 

Here are my top ginger juicer recommendations. 

You peel the ginger, place it on top of the juicer, and powerfully intense ginger juice will come out the bottom. Add a quarter of a lemon and a pinch of cayenne pepper, and you’ll be on to a winner! 

But if you don’t have a juicer, you can make ginger juice in a tea-like fashion by following the recipe in my guide to making ginger shots. 


      • 11 oz of ginger 
      • 5 Lemons 
      • Honey To Taste
      • Herbal Tea Bag 


        • Fill a saucepan with 1.5 liters of water. 
        • Ginger is peeled and sliced before being added to the water. 
        • Add one lemon quarter to the water.
        • 45-60 minutes of simmering temperature 
        • Juice the last four lemons 
        • Remove from heat; stir in lemon juice, honey, and the tea bag if desired. 
        • One hour later, strain the mixture and pour it into a bottle.


      I hope you enjoyed learning about the health benefits of ginger shots and will soon begin to enjoy them for yourself. If you have a recipe, you particularly enjoyed or have tried and enjoyed the spicy benefits of ginger shots, please leave a comment below! 

      Or, if you tried a ginger shot and could not handle the intensity, have no fear! You can mix a lemon ginger shot with hot or cold water to create a refreshing beverage that tastes like strong ginger tea. 

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