Here’s a Complete Guide on How to Cook Spaghetti Squash (And 15 Best Spaghetti Squash Recipes)

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Do you want to learn how to cook spaghetti squash? Preparing this healthy and delicious dish is a sure delight. It isn’t only sumptuous but also perfect for one’s diet. But for those who don’t know what it is just like for those who have just heard of a veggetti, here is a guide for you. [A little note: A veggetti is a quick way in turning vegetables into healthy spaghetti in seconds. It lets you make thin sizes or thick sizes of noodles fast.]

Now, let us go back to the topic. In case you don’t know yet, a spaghetti squash doesn’t have anything to do with pasta in spite of its name. So what to remember is that this is a type of squash, specifically winter squash, which you can turn into healthy recipes by cooking it in your ceramic cookware or oven, for instance. The main difference between it and a traditional pumpkin is that the squash inside the spaghetti squash separates from its rind in strings – which are why it is often called spaghetti squash.

On many occasions, it is used in many dishes cooked in a nonstick cookware for a healthier, low-carb pasta substitute, especially among healthy eaters. While it does not taste like the real pasta, the flavor works well in many flavors of Italian pasta dishes. So without even saying, you can make use of it as the main ingredient in many pasta recipes if you’re looking for the replacement for traditional fettuccini or spaghetti pasta variants.

In today’s guide, I will show you how to make delicious recipes using this ingredient. Also, we’ll discuss essential cooking tips and mistakes to avoid so that you can come up with the perfect spaghetti squash all the time. In this article, you will also learn about tips and tricks for making the preparation process easier and faster, regardless you’re using a stainless steel cookware or not. If you’re ready, let’s start exploring the possible ways of cooking the spaghetti squash, along with some of the best recipes to try with it.

Ways to Make Spaghetti Squash

1. Using Oven

If you’re looking to serve spaghetti squash with roasted meat cooked in pellet barbecue smokers, then this method could be for you if you have an oven. The process is simple, and it won’t take long until you get that ideal spaghetti squash as an alternative in pasta dishes.


      • Roast the squash in your oven at 400 degrees F. For the best results, you may also try slicing the hard flesh in half; scoop the seeds out and then place each half face down in your pan. Make sure that there will be an inch of water so that you can keep everything tender when cooking in the oven.
      • Pierce the skin with using one of your steak knives.
      • Cook the squash in the oven for up to 40 or 50 minutes. Check it and see if you can pierce through its skin using a knife or fork. If the raw squash isn’t easy to slice into two, you can try roasting it whole for an hour. After, you can slice the veggie in half before scooping the seeds out.
      • To make the noodles, you can scrape the cooked meat using a fork.

    2. Using A Stove

    If you don’t have an oven, but you have an anolon cookware or any cookware, you can make use of the stove method in cooking the spaghetti squash. The process is very easy! All you need is to boil your vegetable, and you will have it in minutes. Check out the following for the quick and easy steps on how to prepare your spaghetti squash using the stove method.


        • Put the vegetables in the cookware without cutting it into half.
        • Cook it for about 40 minutes or just about when it is already cooked.
        • When done, you can slice the veggie in half and then scoop the seeds out before shredding its flesh to make the noodle strands.

      3. Using A Microwave Oven

      If you don’t have an oven, but you have a microwave oven, you can make use of it in preparing the spaghetti squash. Later, you will find out that this is a very easy method of cooking it and then serving with your favorite roasted dish cooked in a propane smoker.


          • Place the veggie in the microwave and then set it on high for about 12 minutes.
          • Let it cook and then test it later. Insert a knife or a fork in its skin and check if you can easily do it without any difficulty. In most cases, the cooking time will depend on the size and your appliance. So basically, the cooking time will be shorter if you have a smaller vegetable and your microwave can cook fast. You should check the cooking process after a couple of minutes to find out if it is cooking or not.
          • When cooked, you should let it cool in a pan or a copper cookware for about 15 minutes, or until it is cool enough to handle.
          • Using a fork, you can start scraping the flesh out to make the noodles.

        4. Using The Oven & Roasting Sliced Spaghetti Squash

        Earlier, we have discussed cooking in a stove or perhaps an induction cooktop. But this time, we’ll talk about a method to cook it in the oven but then sliced, not as a whole.


            • Preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
            • Cut your veggie into four, making four quarters. However, it applies if you’re not concerned about making short strands later. Line your baking sheet with an aluminum foil, and then place the slices there.
            • Season your vegetable, and some suggestions include salt, pepper and olive oil. You can also try adding some of your favorite spices. It is all up to you.
            • Bake for up to 40 minutes or until the squash is tender when a fork is inserted into its skin. You can also test one of the slices and check if you can make the noodle strands without much resistance.
            • When cooked, you can separate the strands using a fork, and then serve your spaghetti squash with your favorite roasted turkey.

          5. Using A Convection Oven

          It is no problem if you don’t have an electric skillet to cook the spaghetti squash because you can use the convection oven that makes cooking time shorter because it works with a fan that can dissipate heat throughout the chamber, reducing the cooking time that you would need when using a traditional oven.

          So if this sounds like a good idea, check out the following for the steps in using the convection oven method in preparing your spaghetti squash and later serving it with your favorite roasted meat cut thinly with a home meat slicer. Let’s get started.


              • Preheat your convection oven to 375 degrees F, which is lower than what you would need when cooking in a conventional oven.
              • Wash the veggie under water as well as use a vegetable brush if you have it.
              • Cut the squash into two, or cut them based on serving sizes you desire.
              • When cut, you should start scraping the seeds out as well as the pulp from the center cavity.
              • Line your pan with foil but make sure to spray it with cooking spray. Avoid using a pan with tall sides because it will keep the hot air away from the squash.
              • Put the vegetable face down.
              • Don’t forget to add water to the pan’s bottom to keep it from drying and burning.
              • Cook the veggie until it is tender when tested with a fork. Big slices might take up to 35 minutes to cook, while smaller ones might take only 20 minutes.
              • Serve your squash with some toppings, including caramel, butter or salt and pepper; it is up to you.

            Bonus Tricks

            There are many cooking ideas out there on ways to prepare spaghetti squash. I found one interesting source and thought I should share it with you as well. You can make use of it instead of pasta or combine it with the real stuff. You can also serve it with tomato sauce or meatballs in the same way you would serve your favorite pasta dishes, only that we’re going to use spaghetti squash here. We can also use it to make a low-calorie pizza crust. These tips are interesting, don’t you think? Check out the source for a full list of tips and tricks in cooking spaghetti squash.

            Thanks to Jessie Oleson Moore for sharing these tips!

            Cooking time will take minutes of your time if you would use the tips shared by the blogger. All you need is to cut your veggie in half, take the seeds out, drizzle with olive oil and then season with salt and pepper to taste. The cooking time will, however, depend on the size of the veggie. For the most part, you will need up to an hour to get the perfect noodle strands.

            Thanks to Chungah for sharing such excellent cooking advice!

            Baking using the convection oven is just like how you would do it in a traditional oven. But cooking in the former will take shorter because it comes with a fan that circulates the heat continuously.

            Thanks to M.H. DYER for sharing these tips!

            Wash your veggie using a vegetable brush and do it under running water. You must also dry it well so that it won’t slip when cutting. You should also use a heavy kitchen knife when cutting it in half and lengthwise. Check out the website for the entire list of tips and tricks in cooking the squash.

            We’d like to thank Kathy Maister for the tips shared!

            Pro Tips from Other Bloggers

            If you’d notice, this website is one of my favorite references when looking for cooking tips, and why not, it is simply great! I am sure that you will also love the tips it has shared about our favorite spaghetti squash. Contributor Kelli Foster shared her tips in preparing it. She said that if it the squash is too tough to cut open, then we have to cook it whole. Also, if we need long strands, we should cut it crosswise. You can also halve your squash and steam, roast it whole or halve it before roasting. For the full list of tips and tricks, you can check out the site now!

            Thanks to Anna Stockwell for sharing these tips in cooking spaghetti squash. She shared that cooking using a microwave is the easiest method that you can try. This approach might also be for you if you are in a hurry. Check out the website if you want to read the entire list of the tips and tricks shared by Anna.

            The site is another source I found when it comes to cooking squash. Its contributor Beth said that you could cut one-half off each end and then cut it in half across its width. There are many tips that the blogger has shared, and I thought you might also want to check it out for a complete reference.

            The website is another dependable source that you can rely on if you are looking for essential tips on cutting your spaghetti squash without any difficulty. Blogger Serena Ball also said that you should use a sharp knife in cutting the squash, not a wobbly one. I thought you could make use of these helpful tips, so I recommend checking the source for a full list of tips now!

            Blogger Karen Sorenson shared some tips on how to make spaghetti squash. According to her, you should roast it whole because it is easy. You should, preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and cook your squash for an hour and 15 minutes. There are many tips that you can use from the site, so I would like to suggest checking it out for the complete tips.

            Correcting Common Problems

            How do I choose spaghetti squash?

            Choose one that is firm. Its rind shouldn’t have cracks or soft spots. It must also be heavy with its stem still intact. Avoid buying those with soft spots or cracks.

            How do I store it?

            You can store it in a cool and dry place for up to three months. If it is impossible in your location, you may want to store it in the refrigerator, which should keep it good for up to one week. How do I rake out the flesh all the way to its rind? You can use a fork to scrape out the flesh.

            How do I make an Asian style dish?

            You can make use of sesame oil instead of garlic butter in your spaghetti squash in your dish. Additionally, you can use chili oil as well.

            What will I do if it is too tough to cut open?

            You should cook it whole if it is too tough to cut open. Even if it will take longer to cook it, the veggie will be tender and easy to cut when it is cooked.

            How do I make longer strands?

            You must cut it crosswise if you want long strands.

            How can I cook it faster?

            You can use the microwave method if you’re short of time in cooking. Depending on the size of the squash, it could cook in 10 minutes.

            Can I make use of spaghetti squash as a substitute for noodles or pasta?

            Yes, if your recipe is calling for either of these, you can substitute it with spaghetti squash. Take note that it is not the same as the real spaghetti. It can also be used as a replacement for glass noodles or rice vermicelli.

            Is there another easy way on how to prepare it?

            You can slice the veggie in half before placing it cut side down on a baking sheet. Then, you should roast it in the oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit and cook until the inside is fork-tender. The method might take up to 50 minutes depending on the squash’s size.

            Best Spaghetti Squash Recipes

            1. Spaghetti Squash from All Recipes

            Get the recipe for a quick and simple way on how to cook your spaghetti squash. Using this recipe, you can make long strands. When cooked, it will be tossed with feta cheese and vegetables. The method might take 45 minutes to cook and make six servings. You can check out the entire list of ingredients and steps on the website.

            2. Spaghetti Squash with Parmesan Cheese from the Food Network

            The recipe might take up to one hour and 10 minutes, and it can make up to six servings. Some of the ingredients of this fantastic recipe include a medium spaghetti squash, parmesan cheese, butter, salt, and pepper. For the complete steps on how to cook this recipe, check out the site and get the recipe now!

            3. Tuscan Spaghetti Squash from Delish

            This recipe is another favorite! You will need a large spaghetti squash, kosher salt, bacon and black pepper, among others. If you want to add a little twist to your traditional spaghetti squash recipe, then you can head over the site and get the recipe today!

            4. Roasted Spaghetti Squash from Martha Stewart

            Roasting is one of the easiest ways in cooking the spaghetti squash, and Martha Stewart has one of the best recipes for preparing roasted spaghetti squash. You can simply follow the recipe steps to come up with the perfect spaghetti squash that you can also use in some other recipes include quick turkey Bolognese with spaghetti squash. Head over to the website and get the recipe!

            5. Baked Spaghetti Squash with Garlic and Butter from Steamy Kitchen

            This recipe is another simple recipe that you can prepare in an hour and it can make six servings. This recipe is one of the best with spaghetti squash that I have tried and thought I should share it with you as well. To get the full list of ingredients and steps in making it, head over to the site now!

            6. Properly Prepared Spaghetti Squash from

   is one of the best websites when it comes to cooking tips and recipes. One of their excellent recipes published is about spaghetti squash. This recipe can be prepared in one hour and 15 minutes, and it can yield four servings. To get the recipe, you can check out the site and find the ingredients and steps on how to make it quickly.

            7. Spaghetti Squash & Sausage Easy Meal Recipe from Taste of Home

            Your kids will surely love this recipe! You can prepare it using easy to find ingredients, including olive oil, spaghetti squash and pico de gallo, to name some. A cup of it contains only 326 calories and 12 grams of protein. Get the recipe by heading over the website today!

            8. Spaghetti Squash from Whole Foods Market

            You will need your oven for this recipe. Per serving of this recipe contains only 70 calories and two grams of protein. To learn more on how to make this easy recipe, you can go to the website for the entire list of ingredients and steps.

            9. Spaghetti Squash Lasagna with Broccolini from Eating Well

            This recipe is a low-carb one to try with the spaghetti squash. You can bake it right in their shells, and then later, you can serve it with salad Caesar salad or any salads of your choice, along with wholegrain bread. See how you can make this easy recipe by going to the website now!


            There you have your complete guide on how to cook spaghetti squash like a pro! There are more ways than one on how to make the healthy dish that you can also add in your favorite dishes. Also, you can replace your traditional noodles, pasta or rice vermicelli with it. Remember the tips that the pro bloggers have shared so that you can cook your spaghetti squash correctly and take note of the common problems and ways on how you can avoid them when cooking.

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