How To Make French Toast In Sandwich Maker

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With a little vanilla custard, confectioner’s sugar, and whipped cream, French toasts are given a unique twist and topped with fruit. Outstanding for tea gatherings. 

I enjoy riding my bicycle. Quite a lot. I do so because it helps me maintain a healthy relationship with sweets. The added benefit is that I feel excellent and can think freely. I am completely dependent on it, and if I miss a day, I feel agitated. If I miss two days, I begin to experience depression. I typically ride in the early morning hours when it is cool and there is little traffic. 

The irony is that I am typically hungry at 6 a.m. and spend a sizable portion of my ride contemplating food, specifically what breakfast of 2,000 calories I will consume as a reward for burning 1,000 calories before breakfast. I am a slave to French toast in all its forms, but these are usually my favorite. 

I love this recipe for its absence of mess! Additionally, cooking the French toast in a sandwich press reduces the amount of fat, as there is no need to butter the surface. 

Because it is two layers thick when cooked, if the bread slices are too thick, the egg mixture on the inside never quite cooks to completion. 

Why Should You Use Sandwich Maker to Make French Toast? 

French toast can be prepared without a range. This delectable breakfast is simple to prepare in a sandwich maker. Remember to butter the sandwich maker.  

Make the egg mixture (with beaten eggs, milk, salt, sugar, and cinnamon) and dip both sides of the bread slices in it. In parallel, preheat the sandwich maker. When it is hot, butter the surfaces of the toasting pan.  

Using a flat spatula, carefully transfer each egg-coated bread slice to the open sandwich maker.  

Close the lid and cook until done. It may take approximately 5 minutes, depending on the machine. You will need to check the French toast frequently at first, but then you will get used to it and know when it is golden and done. French toast can be served with either sweet or savory toppings. 

How To Make French Toast In Sandwich Maker 


  • 4 slices thin-ish white bread 
  • 1 banana 
  • Handful of blueberries or other fruit 
  • 2 eggs 
  • 40 ml milk 
  • 1 Tb caster sugar 
  • 1 tsp cinnamon 


  • Combine the egg, milk, sugar, and cinnamon in a large shallow baking dish with a light whisking motion. Place the bread in the mixture for one to two minutes. Flip the bread and allow the other side to become slightly egged (not soaked), then flip it back over so the side with less egg is facing up. 
  • Pre-heat your sandwich maker. 
  • On one slice, on the less-eggy side, layer sliced banana and your choice of toppings in a thin layer (I like blueberries). You want to be able to seal the edges, so try to avoid having any protruding pieces. 
  • Place the second slice on top so that the eggy sides face outward, and the less eggy sides face inward. 
  • Place the sandwich in a preheated sandwich press after slightly pressing the sandwich’s slices together to seal the sandwich’s edges. 
  • Cook as you please! I typically begin cooking the sandwich in ‘melt’ mode, where the press lightly touches both sides, and switch to a flatter mode after a few minutes – you want the bread to brown and the egg to be cooked to the center. 
  • Serve with additional fruit and your preferred topping, such as cream or maple syrup (or in the image above, I used passionfruit curd). 

Eight Tips for Making the Best Ever French Toast 

Never again will you settle for sad, soggy slices. Discover how to make French toast like a pro, from selecting the right bread to using the best sandwich maker. 

French toast is such a simple and well-liked dish that many of us cook it automatically, following long-learned steps. Whether you have a tried-and-true method or are just learning how to make French toast, a few simple adjustments can elevate your recipe. Looking for a simple improvement? When preparing one of our favorite French toast recipes, use these tips. 

1. Commence with the Finest French Toast Bread 

White Pullman bread with a dense crumb is the traditional choice for French toast, but eggy challah or brioche also works wonderfully. Just keep in mind that the drier your bread, the better it will absorb all that delicious custard. A loaf that is one day old will suffice, or if you are in a pinch, dry your bread slices in a 275-degree oven for 10 minutes before dipping them for the first time. 

2. Slice the Proper Size 

French toast sliced thinly loses some of its luxurious flavor. Therefore, use a thickness of at least half an inch. More bread per slice results in a bite with greater character. It also increases the bread’s ability to absorb the egg-and-milk mixture, allowing each slice to contain more nutrients. Get rid of the pre-sliced loaf and slice your own, ensuring that each piece is between half an inch and an inch thick. 

3. Accurately calculate the egg-to-milk ratio 

Eggs and milk are essential components of the custard base that gives French toast its tender, luscious texture. However, if their proportions are off, the French toast will be undercooked and have an unpleasant “scrambled eggs” flavor. A general rule of thumb is 1/4 cup of milk and one egg per two-slice serving; if you want to avoid the “scrambled” flavor, use only the egg yolks. (Sulfur compounds in egg whites give eggs their distinctive “egg” flavor.) Do not pretend that this is diet food. Choose only whole-fat dairy when making French toast. 

4. Seasoning of French Toast Batter 

The only required ingredients for the custard base are milk and eggs, but it is how you season the mixture that will give your French toast its distinctive flavor. A pinch of cinnamon and a few drops of vanilla extract are standard enhancements, and sugar never hurts. (Consider the following when selecting a sweetener: powdered sugar will dissolve well, leaving you with a smooth custard, whereas brown sugar will impart a delicious caramel flavor as it cooks.) Or, for an adult twist, add a splash of liqueur, such as Grand Marnier or spiced rum. 

5. Use a non-stick pan 

We all know that French toast is created by dipping bread in an egg mixture. Given how much egg bread absorbs, you should prepare French toast in a nonstick pan. Standard pans may allow for the development of a more flavorful color during cooking but scrubbing an egg off a pan for ten minutes is not enjoyable. Non-stick performs admirably, especially if you are cooking in large quantities and want minimal cleanup between batches. 

6. Enhance Your Maple Syrup 

When topping French toast immediately before consumption, avoid corn syrup substitutes. Many are “breakfast” or “pancake” syrups rather than “maple” syrups. Verify that you are purchasing maple syrup, the authentic product boiled from the sap of the maple tree — a complex sweetener. 

7. Explore Specialty Toppings 

Consider topping French toast slices with a dollop of ricotta cheese and a spoonful of your preferred jam, such as cherry or apricot. Compound butters that incorporate sweet ingredients, such as honey butter, can also add a unique and welcome element. These alternatives can substitute for maple syrup. But you can mix and match if you wish. 

8. Don’t forget the butter! 

There are times when grapeseed oil is the only option, but this is not one of them. On mornings when we prepare this breakfast staple, we crave the comforting richness and depth that butter imparts to French toast. To prevent the toast from burning or smoking, use a combination of butter and oil to cook it. 

How To Make French Toast In Sandwich Maker - FAQs

There’s also savory French toast 

This boozy, buttery, and cheesy French toast is perfect for a weekend brunch, and it can be prepared in a sandwich press or frying pan. (Yes, this is a panini! 

It is not just a panini press; you can also toast focaccia and ciabatta on it. The hinged lid rests comfortably on top of the bread (rather than squeezing it down) for even toasting, and there’s room for three sandwiches at once. 

These recipes will ensure that you use your breakfast sandwich maker for lunch, dinner, and even dessert. 

  • Taco bowls…. 
  • French toast that has been stuffed. 
  • Eggs with ranchero sauce. 
  • Small pizzas. … 
  • Liquid lava cake. … 
  • Cheese grilled sandwich. … 
  • Ramen hamburger… 
  • Bacon and pimento cheese grilled sandwich. 

National Bacon Week 2013 has passed, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy bacon and eggs in a sandwich press at any other time of the year. Simply lay down some pork strips, close the lid, and allow them to sizzle until the desired crispiness is achieved. 

Too often dairy and too often sugar 

Perhaps you should avoid both. It indicates that an excessive amount of water has been added, resulting in bread that is moist, soggy, and grainy. The French toast should adhere to the surface and be crisp. When the meat is too thick, it is impossible to cook to the center of the recipe. 

Spread butter on both slices of bread, then place one slice buttered side down on a preheated sandwich toaster. Close the toaster and toast the sandwich for three to four minutes, or until golden. 

In comparison to a sandwich maker and a toaster, a Panini press is constructed from plates of superior durability. In contrast, sandwich makers and toasters have triangular plates, which means that the toasted bread will be triangular. 

The appliance is ideal for transforming bread slices into delectable grilled cheese sandwiches. This sandwich maker is amazingly simple to operate, as it includes indicators that indicate when the sandwich is ready to eat. It has a non-stick surface and cooks the bread evenly throughout. 

You can also grill chicken breasts on this griller; it will take longer than a sandwich, but the chicken will be perfectly cooked. I adore it. Five out of five stars I adore it! You can also grill chicken breasts on this griller; it will take longer than a sandwich, but the chicken will be perfectly cooked. 


French Toast Sandwiches are one of those crowd-pleasing treats, so make them for breakfast when you invite friends. Certainty of acclaim! If the pan you are using is not large enough, you may encounter some difficulty. I recommend using two pans if you are cooking for more than four individuals. And ensure that you prepare two sandwiches per person, as they will undoubtedly request more. 

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