Best Ice Cream Sandwich Maker You Can Buy

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This year has been dominated by cooking projects at home. From the revival of baking bread to the pleasure of sipping Dalgona coffee, food is currently the best way to entertain the entire family. If you’re looking for the next family food project to transition from summer to the start of school, we’ve got you covered: the most straightforward ice cream sandwiches ever. 

After baking a batch of your favorite cookies (or store-bought is fine, too! ), all you need is a pint of ice cream and some sprinkles to make homemade ice cream sandwiches with the Cuispro Ice Cream Sandwich Maker. 

First, you’ll add a cookie layer and cut it into three shapes: a star, a heart, or a circle. While the cookie is still in the tool, scrape in a layer of ice cream, followed by another layer of cookie, and then push-pop the sandwich out. (Don’t be afraid to pile on the ice cream; it is, after all, your sandwich!) 

Best Overall – Chef’n SweetSpot Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker 

Chef’n SweetSpot Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker (Fudge/Coconut), Standard, Small

as of July 12, 2024 11:24 am

A new and sweet take on a chef’s favorite dish. The Sweet Spot Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker by Chef’n allows you to make classic ice cream sandwiches at home. Using the included tool to scoop and spread ice cream into the maker is simple and enjoyable.  

The silicone exterior makes cleanup simple. As you assemble the ice cream sandwiches of your childhood fantasies, reminisce about the warm summer days. This is the ideal party treat or a delicious, sweet bite throughout the year. An exceptional gift that brings the entire family into the kitchen. One creates set allows you to both bake cookies and spread ice cream.  

Chef’n tools and gadgets are designed to be effective in their simplicity, allowing you to enjoy simple food preparation tasks as much as time spent with family and friends around the table. Less time prepping, more time enjoying. We develop products that make kitchen experimentation accessible and enjoyable for all chefs. We aim to inspire culinary creativity and communal experiences. 

I made some delicious ice cream sandwiches for my family, and everyone loved them; they were simple to make, especially with store-bought ice cream, and brownies were simple to make; follow the recipe. 

Key Features 

  • TIME FOR ICE CREAM: Make up to 10 delicious mini-ice cream sandwiches at home. 
  • GREAT GIFT: A great way to revisit childhood experiences with your loved ones; the Chef’n Sweet Spot Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker is a wonderful gift for any holiday or occasion! 
  • FAMILY FUN: Get the kids involved in baking or treat yourself year-round. 
  • SIMPLE TO MAKE: Easy-to-follow recipe and spatula tool included. 
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Silicone casing provides quick and hassle-free cleanup. 

Best for kids – Cuisipro Ice Cream Sandwich Maker 

Cuisipro Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker, Clear

as of July 12, 2024 11:24 am

We discovered that this tool works best with softened ice cream during testing. Once the sandwich has been assembled, place it back in the freezer until you are ready to consume it. The tool’s components are dishwasher-safe, so you don’t have to worry about cleanup after preparing these tasty, bite-sized treats. 

We displayed originality by decorating our vanilla ice cream and sugar cookie sandwich with sprinkles. We also paired double chocolate cookies with chocolate ice cream, but there are no limitations in dessert combinations. 

Our niece adored this gift, which she quickly figured out after a quick wash. Recommend providing children with a cutting board or plastic placemat for food preparation, as the cookies are crumbly and the ice cream is melting, but the mess was minimal. Also, suggest soft-baked cookies for younger children; our 11-year-old niece had difficulty pressing the cookies. 

I adore that they come in a variety of shapes and are mass-produced. After making them, I place them in a plastic container to chill, and they are delicious. 

They enjoyed making and eating their homemade ice cream sandwiches immensely. They were straightforward to use and clean. These would also be enjoyable on traditional sandwiches. 

Key Features 

  • Brand new way to create ice cream sandwiches at home 
  • Uses regular store-bought items; nothing fancy required to create endless combinations 
  • Effortlessly cut, scoop and create mini-ice cream sandwiches using one tool 
  • Comes as a set of three fun shapes: heart, star and circle 
  • Instructions and recipes included 

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