Full Comparison of Instant Dutch Oven and Instant Pot

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Never has the realm of cookware been as fascinating as it is today. Dutch ovens, pressure cookers, and slow cookers were already before the Instant Pot appeared. There is an Instant Dutch Oven, which, depending on how you compare them, is and is not an Instant Pot. 

The Instant Pot is a versatile cooker with up to eleven cooking modes. An Instant Dutch Oven combines a conventional Dutch oven and certain Instant Pot features. Both Instant Dutch Oven and Instant Pot are remarkably adaptable and functional. 

Any Instant Dutch oven vs. Instant Pot comparison boils down to their primary characteristics and comparative utility, versatility, and applicability for various recipes. In this article, I explain the theoretical and practical distinctions so you can choose a cooker based on your culinary requirements. 

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Comparative Analysis of Instant Dutch Oven and Instant Pot 

Here are the parallels between a Dutch oven and an Instant Pot: 

  • The Dutch Oven and Pot of Instant brands operate at the same voltage, 120V*. 
  • These cookware’s feature the same Instant-brand heating element base. 
  • Three cooking modes are shared between the two appliances: sear/sauté, slow cook, and keep warm. 
  • Both cookware feature timers with default, minimum, and maximum settings. 

However, the wattage requirement is not identical. 

  • The Instant Precision 6-Quart Dutch Oven and Instant Pot Crisp & Air Fryer 8-Quart Multi-Use Pressure Cooker each require 1,500W power. 
  • But the Instant Pot Duo Plus 6-Quart Multi-Use Pressure Cooker with Whisper-Quiet Steam Release V4 runs on 1,000W. 

The Variations Between Instant Dutch Oven and Instant Pot 

Here are the primary differences in features and specifications between and Instant Dutch Oven and an Instant Pot: 

Instant Dutch Oven 

Instant Pot 

Cast iron heavy-duty cooking pot 

Stainless steel cooking pot 

5 cooking modes 

9 to 11 cooking modes 

A dedicated braise mode 

N/A (but there’s a workaround) 

Manual cooking mode 


Stovetop and oven compatibility 



Pressure cook 

N/A (but there’s a workaround) 

A dedicated soup/broth mode 



N/A (but there’s a workaround) 


Not a preprogrammed mode 


Not a preprogrammed mode 


Not a preprogrammed mode 





Sous vide 

Not available at the press of a button 


There are additional distinctions, including the following: 

  • The Instant Dutch Oven’s maximum temperature* is higher than the Instant Pot’s. 
  • There is only one Instant Dutch Oven model, whereas there are many Instant Pot models. 
  • Some Instant Pots include an Air Fryer, which Instant Dutch Ovens lack. 
  • The sauté function of the Instant Pot has a maximum temperature setting of 375 °F (190 °C). The saute mode and manual option of the Instant Dutch Oven have a maximum temperature of 400 °F (204 °C). 

Advantages and disadvantages of Instant Dutch Oven 

Allow me to highlight the most notable benefits of an Instant Dutch Oven: 

  • The cooking pot and lid are detachable from the Instant base that contains the heating element, allowing you to use the Dutch oven as you would a conventional one. 
  • The Instant Dutch Oven can be used on an electric or gas stovetop and in a conventional oven. 
  • The base is significantly more comprehensive than an Instant Pot, allowing more direct contact with the food for uniform browning and cooking. 
  • With its broader base, the cast iron pot conducts heat more uniformly than the stainless-steel Instant Pots. 
  • The cooking pot and lid made of cast iron are dishwasher-safe, making cleanup easy. 
  • The Instant Dutch Oven is a slow cooker featuring sauté, sear, braise, manual, and keep warm settings. 
  • The sauté, sear, and braise settings have predetermined temperatures, so you only need to use the timer. 
  • Manual has two modes (#1 and #2) with different default, minimum, and maximum temperature and time settings. 

Here are the drawbacks of an Instant Dutch Oven compared to an Instant Pot: 

  • The Instant Dutch Oven has fewer cooking modes than the Instant Pot, including pressure cook and sous vide, but it can bake bread. 
  • A few Instant Pot models include an air fryer and a lid for making crisps, whereas the Instant Dutch Oven does not. 
  • Instant Dutch Ovens are more expensive than Instant Pots, except for Instant Pots with an air fryer. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Instant Pot 

Whether or not air fryers are included, Instant Pots have many advantages. However, I will limit this evaluation to a pragmatic comparison with Instant Dutch Oven. 

  • A 9-in-1 Instant Pot has four more cooking modes than an Instant Dutch Oven, the most important of which is the pressure cooker. 
  • The Instant Pot 11-in-1 has six additional cooking modes, including an air fryer and steamer. 
  • Some Instant Pots have sous vide, broiler, dehydrator, roaster, and mini-oven settings, but the Instant Dutch Oven does not. 
  • Instant Pot air fryers have a maximum temperature setting of 450°F (232°C), whereas an Instant Dutch Oven can quickly achieve higher temperatures on the stovetop or in the oven. 
  • The most recent Instant Pot Duo Plus has four tiny pads or teeth that securely hold the stainless-steel cooking pot. 

If you’ve used an older model, you’re likely familiar with the cooking pot rotating or moving whenever you stir the food. This improvement is unrelated to the Instant Dutch Oven, but I appreciate the necessary change in design and construction. 

Now, let’s examine the disadvantages of Instant Pot versus Instant Dutch Oven: 

  • Instant Pot is not a Dutch oven, whether it is manufactured by the same company or is a traditional design. 
  • The narrow base of the Pot is unsuitable for many Dutch oven-required recipes. 
  • In the context of conventional cookware for stovetops and ovens, the lack of a manual mode with temperature and timer settings reduces the usefulness of an Instant Pot. 

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Full Comparison of Instant Dutch Oven and Instant Pot - FAQs

Dutch ovens are enamel-coated cast iron pots used for various cooking techniques, including slow cooking, roasting, boiling, frying, and making soup. On the other hand, a pressure cooker is designed to cook food quickly using high-pressure steam. 

It cooks food approximately 30 percent faster than traditional pots and pans because the electric pressure cooker’s steam can reach higher temperatures. Reduce the cooking time by a third when converting a Dutch oven recipe to an Instant Pot. 

The weight of an enameled cast-iron Dutch oven makes it ideal for braising because it aids in heat retention and distribution. It is perfect for searing meat on the stovetop over high heat before transferring it to the oven for low-and-slow cooking. That is adaptability. 

You can use a deep, oven-safe skillet or a soup pot if you do not have a Dutch oven. And if the recipe does not call for the pot to be placed in the oven, any heavy, deep pot will suffice. 

Some manufacturers apply wax to new Dutch ovens to prevent rusting before sale; this must be removed before use. Place a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil on the bottom rack of your oven and the Dutch oven upside down on the top shelf—Bake at 400 degrees for 1 hour. 

Final Thoughts

I will use an Instant Dutch Oven to prepare a meat and vegetable stew. Most Instant Pots do not facilitate the same evaporation and water content reduction as cast iron Dutch ovens. 

In contrast, I cannot use the Instant Dutch Oven if I need to pressure cook something. Both slow cooking methods are excellent. However, I may be slightly biased in favor of the Instant Dutch Oven because I prefer having the option to use it on stovetops and in the oven. 

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