Italian Antipasto Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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  • Prepare time: 5 min
  • Cook: 5 min
  • Ready in: 10 min

A delicious and fun the grilled cheese sandwich come from Italian Antipasto. The combinations of artichokes, pepperoni, red pepper, olives and other lots of spices blended and so smooth in every bite. 

You can call this dish as an appetizer, a sandwich or as a salad, cause it’s fully veggies inside. Italian Antipasto cheese sandwich is the best dish for all ages. Spent your time and practiced the recipe at home, serve with love for parents, husband, kids, and all family.

How to Make Italian Antipasto Grilled Cheese Sandwich

When you have a plan for the special moment, it’s essential to serve the special dish too. The sandwich can be your choice. The luxurious sandwich comes with the high-quality ingredients. When you decide to make the cheese sandwich, you’ve to ensure that you haven’t an allergy to cheese. 

It’s possible to inflict a harmful, besides that check all cooking tools before cooking. For the information, it takes 10 minutes in cooking. Instant. Quick. Easy. And delicious at all. Here the simple guide for you.


      • Two pieces of bread (use the Italian bread, if you haven’t you can change with sourdough bread)
      • Four slices of provolone cheese
      • ½ cup of roasted red pepper
      • 2 tbsp of artichokes, marinated
      • Two slices of black olive
      • Two slices of banana peppers
      • 1 cup of fresh spinach
      • 16 slices of pepperoni (use Hormel product or other)
      • 1 tbsp of butter


    1. Take a slice of bread, make a stack by adding a slice of provolone cheese and pepperoni, put the red peppers to your taste, artichokes, banana peppers, and black olives. 
    2. Arrange them perfectly. You can add more or reduce the amount based on your taste. 
    3. Put the spinach and for the last, adding a slice of bread.
    4. Prepare the sandwich maker at medium heat, put the butter on it and let it melted. Cook the sandwich until browned for about 3 minutes, prevent the burnt. 
    5. Adding the remaining ½ tbsp of butter. Immediately, flip the sandwich and cook more for about 2 minutes. 
    6. Allow the cheese melted. Remove from the heat and serve.

    It’s done, you can add more veggies if you desired. Serve immediately while hot and taste the melted and exploded cheese, the crisp outside and so creamy inside. After you read this article, hopefully, you can practice at home. 

    The healthy life starts with healthy food, so it’s important to serve the nutritious meal every day and keep the balancing the food intake.

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