Start Your Healthiest Life Now With These 7 Green Juice Benefits

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Green juice is one of the healthiest foods you can include in your daily diet. It has numerous health benefits, including healthy hair and skin and weight loss! 

Most people already know that green juice is healthy, but I’ve sifted through anecdotal evidence to bring you scientific facts about green juice’s health benefits. 

Let’s jump in! 

What exactly is Green Juice? 

Green juice is any juice that has been extracted from a juicer and is colored green. Green vegetables = green juice. 


Nonetheless, this means that green juices can vary considerably! 

Each green juice’s health benefits depend on the fruits and vegetables it contains. However, it is generally true that similar-colored fruits and vegetables have the same nutritional value, so there will be similarities between all green juices. 

For this article, I will use the Mean Green Juice recipe – made famous by the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead documentary – to reference the many health benefits of green juice. It comprises kale, cucumber, apple, ginger, and lemon. 

Why Is Green Juice So Beneficial? 

Numerous vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are concentrated in a single glass of green juice, making it exceptional. You’ve likely heard the term “detox” before, but daily green juice makes it easy to take care of your body. You’ll feel fantastic after consuming your favorite green juice, which contains abundant healthful nutrients. 

Additionally, green juice makes it easier to consume the recommended (or even larger) number of daily fruits and vegetables. No cooking is involved, and consuming juice takes considerably less time than consuming a bunch of collard greens! 

Evidence-Based Green Juice Advantages 

These health benefits are based on the Mean Green Juice recipe but apply to most other green juices. 

1. Younger Looking Skin 

Green juice contains a significant amount of Vitamin A, which is ideal for skin care. It can repair and regrow skin cells, resulting in younger skin. 

Vitamin A is the active ingredient in certain prescription medications used to treat acne and other skin disorders. 

Dr. David Greuner says, “[Vitamin A] works by signaling the cells to grow faster, bringing younger, fresher skin to the surface faster.” However, excessive use can be pretty irritating. 

The amount of Vitamin A in green juice will not irritate your skin; instead, it will improve its appearance. 

2. Hair Health 

There’s a good chance that your hair loss is due to a vitamin deficiency if you’re experiencing it. Green juice can aid hair loss, but only if this is the underlying cause. If you are losing your hair due to male or female pattern baldness, drinking green juice won’t help. 

However, the nutrients contained in green juice will keep your hair healthy. Vitamin A will aid in the necessary regeneration of cells. Vitamin C aids in producing collagen, an essential component of healthy, robust hair. 

But it contains everything you need to maintain healthy hair, including vitamin A, which promotes cell regeneration. And it contains Vitamin C, which aids in producing collagen, one of the essential components of healthy hair. 

This is especially pertinent if you are over 30, as this is when your collagen levels begin to decline. 

3. High levels of energy 

Green juice is an excellent source of energy. This makes it a great morning beverage; it could even replace your morning coffee! 

This is because green juice contains a high amount of protein, which provides sustained energy. Green vegetables also contain Vitamin B6, which aids in the digestion of food’s energy and assists the body in up to ten chemical reactions, including the metabolism of proteins. 

Iron is also abundant in green juice, which can benefit vegetarians and vegans who struggle to consume enough iron. This can help you feel more alert by increasing your blood circulation. If your blood flow is healthy, the rest of your body receives an adequate amount of oxygen you breathe and the nutrients from your green juice. 

Maintaining all your organs’ health requires a healthy blood flow to prevent conditions such as heart disease. 

4. Weight Loss 

I have already explained that green juice is packed with nutrients and makes it easy to consume the recommended number of fruits and vegetables. In addition to being extremely healthy, green juice is low in calories, making it a great recipe to try if you’re trying to lose weight. 

If you seek the weight loss benefits of green juice, consider substituting a healthy breakfast with green juice. 

Another option is to try a juice cleanse or juice fast. You replace your regular meals with healthy green or fruit juice for several days. I would only do a juice cleanse for five days; this is sufficient time to reap the health benefits. 

The ginger in Mean Green Juice aids in weight loss by stimulating the production of stomach acid, which enables metabolism. 

5. Healthy Eyes 

I’ve already extolled Vitamin A’s virtues, but I will continue! It is also highly beneficial for the eyes. Vitamin A deficiency has been linked to blindness in thousands of children in Southeast Asia. 

Age-related degeneration of the eyes is likely not a deficiency but supplementing with Vitamin A will help slow the process. 

6. Boosted Immune System 

No one likes getting sick. Immunity is the key to avoiding all the prevalent bugs and drinking green juice can help you achieve it. 

Even more so if you include carrots, green juice is loaded with Vitamin C, and we’re all aware of the health benefits of Vitamin C. It has been shown to strengthen the immune system! 

Furthermore, green juice is rich in vitamin B6. It protects you from illness and is responsible for many biochemical reactions that keep your immune system healthy. 

7. Defense Against Free Radicals 

Free radicals are molecules that float throughout the environment and are responsible for destroying body cells. 

These damaged cells are responsible for your aging appearance and can make you feel older. In extreme cases, free radicals can be carcinogenic, which means they can cause the development of certain cancers. 

Fortunately, we can combat them! Antioxidants can protect against free radicals. Green juice is a rich source of antioxidants, which prevent free radicals from harming the body. Therefore, drinking your daily green juice is essential! 

Potential Side Effects 

I could not identify any adverse effects of green juice in my research. You should always pay attention to your body’s signals. If green juice does not make you feel good, there may be better choices. 

Generally, bloating or toilet issues are indications that you need to alter the recipe or switch to a different juice or smoothie. 

Green Powder Vs. Fresh Green Juice 

The last question is whether a green powder is equivalent to fresh green juice. 

I would contend no, Not only because I am the owner of Juice Buff do I believe that juicing is great, but also for other reasons. 

Fresh juice is always superior because it contains all the digestive enzymes and nutrients ready to be consumed. 

However, there is no way of knowing whether green powder provides the same amount of nutrients. Some businesses assert that they lock it in, but there is no way to verify this. 

Green powder is the next best option if you cannot consume fresh juice for whatever reason. 

Mean Green Juice Recipe 

As promised, here is the recipe for Mean Green Juice. Check out this article for additional information about making green juice. 

      • 1 cucumber 
      • 4 celery ribs 
      • 2 green apples 
      • Eight kale leaves and stems
      • 1 lemon 
      • 1 inch piece of ginger 

    This recipe is so simple; I adore it. 


        • Peel the ginger and lemon, and then wash the remaining ingredients. 
        • Put all ingredients through the juicer. You will need a juicer capable of processing leafy greens like the ones I have reviewed. 
        • Pour the delicious green juice into a glass and enjoy! 

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