Easy Oven Baked Spicy Chicken Tacos

Prepare time: 15 min Cook: 15 min Ready in: 30 min Spicy Chicken Tacos is a typical Mexican food made from tacos that the taste is very delicious and is one of the favorite foods of many people because it has a savory taste that is tasty and distinctive. If you are a snack food … Read more

Vegan Creme Brulee

This is now officially my favorite dessert. Everybody at my house loves this dish, even the dog. The smell of these Creme Brulees made my dog drool (without noticing, ha ha!), which was the first time I’ve seen him do that in 8 years! I wish we could have snapped a photo, but we were … Read more

Spanakopita Tarts

Prepare time: 25 min Cook: 20 min Ready in: 50 min Spanakopita tarts are one of the classic Greek cuisines that taste creamy and it is very simple to cook. A creamy and cheesy tart full of herbs like spinach and onions is perfect for the snacks in your weekend. Not only tasty buy it … Read more

Greek Quesadillas

Prepare time: 10 min Cook: 20 min Ready in: 35 min If you are a Greek cuisine lover, you can try to make this meal simply at your kitchen. The main ingredients in this menu are the Quesadillas cheese wrapped in the wheat tortilla and the tzatziki sauce which is made from Greek yogurt. It … Read more

Traditional Greek Moussaka

Prepare time: 2 hours Cook: 45 min Ready in: 2 hours and 50 min This traditional Greek menu is very popular among chefs, because of its authentic process and lovely taste. The main ingredient in this menu is eggplants which later will be served with béchamel sauce, a Greek yogurt sauce.  If you never try … Read more

Pastitsio Greek Lasagna

Prepare time: 10 min Cook: 90 min Ready in: 105 min Most people love lasagna, which is soft and cheesy.  This pastitsio Greek lasagna is a must to try because it is a traditional Greek food which is rich of authentic and delightful sensation. With the easy recipes below you can have your lasagna soon … Read more

Greek Seven Layer Dip

Prepare time: 6 min Cook: 20 min Ready in: 30 min Greek seven layer is one of the incredibly fresh and utterly delicious food. This food is that comes from Greece.  Greek seven layer dip also includes foods that are healthy and contain few calories because many contain vegetables. This food is a classic appetizer. … Read more

Easy Greek Lemon Chicken

Prepare time: 5 min Cook: 50 min Ready in: 55 min Since our body requires 40 mg of vitamin c for every single day, lemon is one of the best rich-in-vitamin-C fruits that can provide the need. Besides, it is also good for the health of your digestive system, the health of skin and bones … Read more

Tamale Pie

Prepare time: 10 min Cook: 50 min Ready in: 60 min For those who are keen of casserole, then this Mexican casserole is the recommended one. You need to try to make one at home since the taste is really worth it. Check the article below for the further recipe. How to make Tamale Pie … Read more

Homemade Mexican Churros

Prepare time: 20 min Cook: 25 min Ready in: 45 min Churros is one of the delicious Mexican snacks which very popular today. This fried dough pastry can be paired with any dipping sauce, like chocolate, fruity or berry. Sometimes people add it to ice cream too. Churros common to find in some fairs and … Read more